Lets paint this country RED!



Now I am in no way a photoshop genius, actually I have no clue how to insert a cool Chiefs helmet into the picture so that is the best I can do! Once again this idea came to me after seeing the ArrowheadPride Twitter List. Years ago on they started the Chiefs nation. I remember clicking on there and reading how the Chiefs had at least one season ticket holder in 48 states! I dont remember off hand how many foreign countries had a season ticket holder but it was in the double digits. Im sure the past 3 seasons have been more than enough to drop the number significantly, not including the current state of our economy, people are going to want to stay closer to home and enjoy the game.

Now some people on here from all the 50 states and Canada, know of some great spots to hang out with fellow Chiefs fans. I remember seeing the video of Pioli at a Chiefs bar in Philadelphia before the game with the Eagles. I thought is was pure awesome how the Chiefs fans in Philly represent, and it even got Pioli in town and they got an autographed helmet from him! (can't find the link if someone has it can they post it?)

Here is a write up of the Chiefs bar in Philly: Big Charlie's Saloon

Now what I am thinking is that if each of us Chiefs fans here on AP can post a location, know of somewhere awesome to catch the game with fellow Chiefs fans we should share it. When it gets closer to the season I will post this up again for anyone new who joins inbetween now and then.

When I was in NYC this winter I almost had the chance to go watch a Chiefs game at the Village Pour House with AA/AP's Patrick Allen. Much to my dismay there was a blizzard the Saturday before the game and I was stranded in Queens, unable to make it into Manhattan to catch the game. I watched from the computer totally bummed as we got Cribbed by the Browns.

For anyone and everyone out there, that travels, or cant afford tickets to the game, doesn't live in Kansas City, or cant afford Directv or Dishnetwork or someone that doesn't carry the game this is for you. Im not asking people to give up their private addresses or anything like that, just if you know of a place in a certain City or State, share the name of it. Some people like to watch the games alone, kudos to you I do as well sometimes. There may be a huge Chiefs draft party going on in somewhere in Arkansas and you may be left out!

I travel alot, usually by car, and would like to know of some places where there is a good Chiefs hangout.  Who knows you may be the only Chiefs fan in there last year, but this year you could have a following with you. I say lets get back to painting this country Chiefs RED, lets proudly display our fandom in all the Cities of America (and Canada for the 10 or so APer's Craig mentioned).  After all we are the team to beat. :)

So far as of 2 pm CST on March 19th here is the list:

1. "The Golden Q" Hays, Kansas

2. "The Fox & Hound" Metairie/NOLA area

3. "Big Charlies Saloon"  in Philly

4. "Kansas City Barbeque" in San Diego, California

5. "The Village Pour House" in NY, NY

6. "Stan's B-B-Q" in Issaquah, WA

7. "Sidelines Sports Bar and Grille" Albuquerque, NM

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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