For the Ship with No Port, No Wind is Favorable


When it comes to the NFL Draft the wise words of Seneca would seem to apply: "If a man does not know what port he is steering for, no wind is favorable to him.

In other words, the organizations that don't have a plan, a philosophy, and a confidence about who fits their system will flounder and fail.  I have said it before and I will repeat it again.  The successful people in life don't wait for things to happen, they make things happen.

Or from the mouth of an immortal philosopher, they "get-r done"

In the 2009 NFL Draft the Kansas City Chiefs fan witnessed a man who knew the port in which he sailed.  Scott Pioli, after evaluating the talent and considering his beliefs selected Tyson Jackson as the first #1 pick of a new era.

That number one pick spoke volumes about the man and the plan.

That #1 was the revelation that Scott Pioli is not a reactionary GM.  He does not and will not let the winds of uncertainty change his course.  Plan in place.  Player on horizon.  Get your man. 

That is what I expect from Scott Pioli this year.  If Scott likes Berry, then I expect him to go get Berry.  If it is Bulaga, Okung, Suh, McClain, Williams, or Bryant then I expect them to be in a Chiefs uniform.

I don't expect him to get Williams because the player he liked was gone.  In fact, I demand that he doesn't.


I want the Pioli that sent a 4th round pick to Oakland for Randy Moss in 2007.  Or the GM that sent a 2nd and a 7th pick to Miami for Wes Welker.  A second round pick to Cincinattii for Corey Dillon.

I want a #1 pick for Dion Branch or a trade of number one picks with the 49thers to  ultimately selected Jerod Mayo.  I want to see a plan being carried out.

Pic via

I don't want action for the sake of action.  Kansas City fans have been through that before.  As Seneca replied, "I do not distinguish by the eye, but the mind, which is the proper judge."

Don't give me a Redskins organization that brings in a lot of shinny toys that are good to look at but don't fit together.  Everyone can tell that the Redskins ship in the past has had no port in which to sail.

Give me the man that understands that Jamaal Charles is a great zone read running back and goes out and gets some zone blocking lineman.  That's what I want to see, Mr. Pioli.

But don't think Scott is done with the offensive line, because he is not.  He can't be.

Although Albert made strides last year he has not reached the level of performance that is required of an offensive left tackle.  Pioli must apply Albert's evaluation to his plan and decide whether Albert will be THE man.

If he's not, move him.  If he is, then move on.

Branden Albert


Run Blk
Pass Blk

All bar art from Draft Board Insider

Brian Waters has a couple of good years left.  But we can't sit around and watch as Brian runs out of gas and not have someone to immediately take his place.  Right now the Chiefs don't have that.  What is the plan going to be?

I want to see Pioli with a plan.

Brian Waters
Run Blk
Pass Blk

Pioli went out and brought in Casey Wiegmann to help improve the competition at center.  The problem is that Casey does not have many years left.  A replacement center is going to be needed, quick.

What worries me is that the left guard and center positions will have lowering performance potentials each year due to age.  Is there a plan.  Will it become evident after the 2010 draft?

Casey Wiegmann
Run Blk
Pass Blk

I presume Ryan Lilja is going to play right guard.  And if that is the case then the Chiefs have found a solid piece that they can rely on for the next few years. The scouting report on Lilja is that he is limited athletically but has good instincts, technique, and knowledge for the position.  He gets good blocking angles and can get to the second level in zone schemes.

Plan in place, man on horizon, got it done.

Ryan Lilja
Run Blk
Pass Blk

O'Callaghan came to the Chiefs in a time of need and did his job.  The question many people are asking is is that good enough going forward?

If Pioli does select a left tackle in the first round the reasons might be as much about O'Callaghan as they are about Albert.  Like Lilja, Albert would probably move to the right side if a left tackle is taken.

Ryan O'Callaghan
Run Blk
Pass Blk

So what is the plan?

Do you think the KC ship is being steered toward a port?




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