Draft Board: Inside the Mind of Pioli (not a mock)

Note: I wrote this two days ago but my girlfriend closed out the page. I just now found out that our fan posts are autosaved on our dashboad so I'm publising it now. I know someone wrote a similar post yesterday.

Herein I would like to undertake a tricky, tricky task. Rather than do a mock, I'd like to discuss who Pioli has in his head as the guys he wants on draft day. In other words, what does our draft board look like? My impression of Scott Pioli's draft day predisposition is that he chooses based on 1. Need 2. Want 3. Value on day one, and in that order. This decision making process is what landed us TJ. On day two, however, the system seems to invert itself and we are delivered players like Donald Washington. This is, of course, my own personal take on someone else's behavior based on limited observation. None the less, I'll project an order of likelihood that a given player will be taken by KC in rounds 1-3. I'm not enough of a college football/draft guru to get beyond that, so I'll leave that to the rest of you.


I am slightly liberal with my estimations on who is available to account for someone sliding down the board by happenstance, which always happens to someone, just ask Rey Malugala

Round 1

ILB Rolando McClain - bit of a reach, but not a huge one and he fills a position of need. He reminds me an awful lot of DJ, so I'm skeptical but if anyone can refine him, Romeo can. Unless we can trade down, I'm guessing Pioli sees this as the only pick.

DT Dan Williams - Big boy. He is probably better suited as a 3-4 NT in the NFL  than Suh or Mccoy given his size. This would be an even bigger reach than TJ was last year, but if for some reason McClain is gone, I don't know where else Pioli goes here

CB Joe Haden - This rests on  the staff's view Brandon Carr as a long term option. Haden could come in initially as a nickel and swap jobs with Carr if he can maintain more consistent coverage.

DE/OLB Sergio Kindle - Vrable needs an heir apparent. Kindle could be an impact in the pass rush but I have no faith dropping him into coverage. Again a big reach and I think Pioli would only make this choice in a last ditch scenario

WR Dez Bryant - The offense may be just one star wide out away from being a real competitor. Dez could be that guy but I don't think he's a "pioli guy"

S Eric Berry - I tend to believe the reporting that Pioli would never take a S so high. At some point though, Pioli's reach tolerance has to cap out and the BPA gets selected. I only put berry this far down because I think Pioli's reach tolerance is quite high, though the margins could easily be narrower than this.

LT Bryan Bulaga - I was sold on  him as the pick before we started a FA run on linemen. Now I think an OT is not even in consideration for round 1.


Round 2a.

DT Terrance Cody - Even bigger boy. Cody is a monster that screams 3-4 NT. In fact, I think he just might be the biggest DT in the nation. Tossing this beast in to anchor our D line would be a great move in my view, and I think Pioli agrees. We don't ask 3-4 NTs to be great atheletes, just earth movers who can overwhelm two guys at once. This guy can do it.

ILB Brandon Spikes - Spikes is most likely the pick here if we take Dan Williams with out first. Spikes is a good ILB who I personally feel has not real reason to be ranked below McClain. McClain is a more impressible athelete but Spikes seems to play with his head more, a trait our staff has show to prefer.

WR Golden Tate - I personally would not go here due to Tate's size, but he's a good player with charachter that I can see Haley and Weis lobbying hard for. The slot would be his some if drafted by KC.

C Maurkice Pouncey - Awesome player but the combination of Weigman and quality centers deeper in the draft make this fairly unlikely


Round 2b.

ILB Brandon Spikes - His 40 time shot his stock down. If he starts slipping big time we'll take a shot at him eventually.

WR Arrelious Benn - Big n'fast.

OLB Jerry Hughes - projected as an OLB in  a 3-4. Not a fan of DE converts but it donesn't seem to be a hang up for Pioli et. al.

G Mike Johnson - Versatile player who could provide nice interior line depth

S Chad Jones- Good valueCB

Donovan Warren - Good size


Round 3.

JD Walton - A good center who would have a while to develop behing Weigman. I think this is the AP consensus for this pick.

Dezmon Briscoe - Good technicals with a nice frame. I think he underperformed his talent level due to the offense he was a part of.

Torell Troup - If we miss Cody this is a lock.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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