Let the show begin!

First. I already know I'm going to get completely blasted for this post. Not by Joel or Chris. Not for any violation of AP ethics. But just because I'm probably the only idiot that would dare to come up with a plan like this and actually say it out loud. It's probably the single stupidest idea ever presented on AP. So give me your best shot. It doesn't matter. I've acknowledged it. 

I saw Jrcnc's fan shot about 5 humbled players. I tapped the link and read the article. Then a light went off. Or maybe not. But this thought hit me so here it is.

Since none of us KNOWS for sure what the immediate or long term plan Pioli has in mind for the Chiefs is, I decided not to try to figure it out. Instead I came up with a way that we could all enjoy the ride immensely no matter what. No matter if Pioli has a 2 or a 3 or a 1 or a 5 year plan.

The thing is. I'm dead serious about this. Sorry if its stupid.

The fact is that we are rebuilding. How long it will take remains to be seen. No one can say for sure. Some say sooner, some say later. I say who cares. We fans can win no matter which path they follow. Check this idea out.

If I understand the free agency thing, then those 5 free agents mentioned in the article that Jrcnc's fanshot links to, Terrell Owens, Joey Porter, Brian Westbrook, Kevin Mawae, Darren Sharper are completely unattached. Completely. Now here's the thing. Lets assume that we are a few years out from being a serious contender. Well, you can either suck along the way as you slowly improve and inch your way to the top over a number of years, or you can be really good and really fun and entertaining while your getting there.

Well lets not forget that this is a sport. It's entertainment. We pay to be entertained.  We love the drama. We love the whole thing. The whole show. So then, if your rebuilding for a few years, what if you don't have to suck in the meantime? What if you could sell tickets like crazy? What if you could draw  a fan base from all over the NFL to watch your team when they weren't watching theirs? That would be fun while you were waiting for Pioli and company to finish building our dynasty wouldn't it? It would beat watching the Chiefs go 4-12 while we're rebuilding anyway.

So back to the 5 free agents thingy. If their truly free agents, then they don't cost a single draft pick right? No strings attached. It's straight up about money at this point right? You don't have to cut any deals with any other teams to get them. Their completely free from any contractual obligations to any team. So all you have to do to get one of them is make an offer to the player right?

Okay, so go to Darren Sharper and offer him anything. I don't care if its $5.00. Offer him that. Give him $5.00. All he can say is no. So what? So then offer him $10. Keep going until you get a deal done for dirt cheap. That's what the article says is happening with these guys right? Their unemployed and no one else wants them yet. So how about this? If their all going to be draft free acquisitions and their all supposedly so cheap; and we're so so so under the NFL average budget for spent money, then why not get them all?

Sell some tickets and give us a show maybe?! We wouldn't have to sacrifice anything. Nothing. We are drafting a buch of rookies out of college this offseason that deserve time to learn their positions anyway. So who better than these 5 veterans to help teach our young guys? Especially at this point in their careers? Their loaded with talent and knowledge and their humbled now. They aren't the arrogant "gimme gimme it's all about me", selfish players they once were.

Imagine those 5 coming here for next to no money at all. NO investment. No big spending. Joel posted that article about how even if 2010 ended up being a capped season, the Chiefs would still be way below budget. So we have a little pocket change. We don't even have to change the plan Pioli has initiated one bit. You draft who you were going to anyway. You train them the way you were going to anyway. You don't deviate one bit from the plan. You just buy these sideshow acts for next to nothing and use them as you see fit.

What are they gonna say? No? No other team wants them. SO lets go buy em' a happy meal and sign them. We would sell a billion tickets with those singings. Especially if we did it all in one week. We would own the NFL network for a month. We would be huge. And those guys would help us in the intermediate. It would not be a way to fix the team. Their old in NFL years. Its a way to have fun and still be a good team while your getting it together. It would be FUN. It would be a blast. We would be a better team, and best of all, our young trainees would get to watch and learn from the best of the best.

I know thats probably stupid, but we have the money and we wouldn't have to give up one single draft pick. What do you have to lose really? Tell me you wouldn't tune in just for that alone? I know I snuck a peek at Buffalo a couple of times to see if T.O. was doing anything!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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