Here's something to chew on! (No not that)

What with all the hoopla surrounding mock drafts and combines and Pro Days, I can hardly concentrate at work. All I want to do is check out AP constantly to see if we are making any strong moves in FA. To see where we are with the latest rumor mills about the draft. Which of course will mean nothing at all on draft day because Pioli does what he wants and its usually unorthodox. Which I like.

But being a little bored and starved for information regarding anything Chiefs, I have been doing a little daydreaming about future possibilities. First off, I was completely wrong about Brandon Marshall. There was a link at the bottom of the front page of AP yesterday to another Sb site about BM and his arrest record. No thanks. He is absolute cancer. Poison. He is a disgrace to the game of football and I am officially recanting all things BM. Thanks Up's!

But I did a little checking on some other options for our team to upgrade at receiver. Now, IMO an upgrade isn't Bobby Wade over Mark Bradley. Okay? Get real. My idea of an upgrade would have been BM, if he hadn't turned out to be a thug. Anyway, its not the player I'm after, its the talent and the chemistry. So who is widely considered to be one of the best receivers, if not THE best receiver in the NFL? Larry Fitzgerald.

But lets back up for one second shall we? Lets go back to the race for Anquan Boldin. The moment we were all hanging on APs every word for an announcement as to who won the Boldin race. I was disappointed we didn't end up with him here in Red and Gold. But a very intelligent counter argument to acquiring Boldin, was presented to me at that time. Here it is;

We are rebuilding and have a long way to go before we will be legitimate contenders. We are a few years away from contending. So it wouldn't make sense to spend huge money on a guy like Boldin right now. We need to get the rest of the pieces of the team in order and get to that point like the Patriots were at, when they signed Randy Moss. We need to be closer to contending before we spend big on a position like receiver. Especially for an aged FA.  - That seems solid so I accepted it and I still do.

Using that argument though, we can now turn our attention ahead to the 2012 season. That's a few years away. So it fits the within the parameters of the above argument against big spending right now. We should have the key pieces in place by then. Our young draftees will have a couple years under Weis and Crennel to learn football the correct way. So whats special about 2012?

Todd Haley and Larry Fitzgerald. The signing of Todd Haley could have further reaching implications than we know. On several occasions I have seen and heard Larry Fitzgerald say specifically "The best  thing that ever happened to me was Coach Haley".  I have heard him praise Todd Haley. You have to. I heard him say that the team is still in recovery mode since losing Haley. You have too.

If Brandon Marshall is cancer, Fitz is the cure for aids. Okay? He is the absolute opposite of a trouble maker. He is the ULTIMATE team player. He took a pay cut to make room for Boldin to stay a Cardinal so they could have another run at the SB together. He is a an absolute good. And he is an absolute Haley homer.

Oh and back to the 2012 thing. His contract expires in 2012. He will be completely free to walk away. Now Larry is the kind of guy to play for someone out of loyalty. He's not a money man. And he is no more loyal to anyone than our own Todd Haley. So if by 2012, Pioli and company have done their jobs properly, we should have a team that is only a couple of superstars away from a SB run. Like where the Patriots were at when they grabbed Moss.

Its the same crew here as was in NE. So it would make sense they would follow a similar pattern here in KC when it comes to building a team right? So don't be shocked if in 2012, one Larry Fitzgerald makes AP headlines as the newest FA acquisition for the playoff ready Chiefs. Kind of like the Boldin addition is to the Ravens this year. Larry will be for us in 2012. It makes sense to say the least doesn't it? Fitz would be 28 yrs old in 2012. PERFECT!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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