Pioli vs Holmgren



  These are a couple of very competitive guys. What have they been up to in 2010 preparing for a showdown in the NFL Draft?


 I will be using the revised NFL draft trade Chart from BigCatCountry and SoCalStites excellent post.

Mike Holmgren has amassed 12 picks as of today for the upcoming draft. The Brady Quinn trade netted some picks in 2011 and 2012 as well as Peyton Hillis.

Picks # 7, 38, 69, 71, 92, 102, 130, 133, 142, 156, 167, and 176.

 pick # 69 was received in the trade for Kamerion Wimbley

 pick # 92 and 156 from Jets for Braylon Edwards

 pick # 130 from Tampa Bay for Kellen Winslow

 pick # 142 from Detroit via Denver

 pick # 176 from Carolina for the Brandstater pick in 2009

 Mike has done some Wheelin and Dealin, but some of these picks were aquired prior to his tenure in Cleveland. The Browns have according to the Trade Chart 2709.4 in value going into the 2010 draft. If the Browns had the normal allotment of 7 picks at the 7th spot they would have 2202.9 in value. Mike has a surplus of 506.5 in value or equivalent to the 3rd pick of the 2nd round in extra value. Pretty damn good!

Scott Pioli has amassed 8 picks total and prior to compensatory picks being assigned all are Top 150 picks.

Picks # 5, 36, 50, 68, 99, 132, 138, and 140.

 Pick # 50 is for Tony Gonzalez

 Pick # 138 for Tyler (Thiggy) Thigpen

 Pick # 140 for Tank Tyler

 Scott has also done some horse tradin' and all the picks aquired and/or spent were on his watch. The Chiefs have a total of 2949 in trade chart value to spend. The Chiefs normal allotment with the 5th pick would be 2550.3 in value. Scott has amassed a surplus of 398.7 in value or the equivalent of the 11th pick in the 2nd round.

 I think it will be interesting to see what these two do with that surplus of value. Mike Holmgren and Scott Pioli will be going head to head for the forseeable future. Throw in Bill Belichick, Mike Tannenbaum/Rex Ryan, and Bill Parcells and you got some true heavyweights.


Geaux Chiefs

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