My Non-Mock Draft Mock Draft

I it a mock draft?  Is it not a mock draft?  Kinda confusing but I want to more talk about a trade down option the Chiefs could and might do...It's part realism, part wishful-thinking, so bare with me.  I haven't done a post like this before...well, not for quite a while.  I'm doing some digging and looking at the different drafties out there that could be available to the Chiefs come draft day, so...without further adou...

The idea is trading down from the #5 spot.  Everyone is making a big deal out of the Berry/Okung/McClain debate and I believe all 3 are great if not superb players, but a trade down would work better in our favor with such a deep draft this year...the more picks the better chance we can get more starters come the opening of the season. 

I do need to say, first off, that I believe Branden Albert is our starting LT in 2010 and that any OT we pick up in the draft is depth and competition come training camp.  With learning all new plays and the zone blocking scheme which fits his lower weight better and his play in the last 8 games of the season his type of play and the new zone blocking scheme is what Haley and Weis are going to run (given their history of using this blocking scheme) in 2010.

Now, with the draft being so deep and the need of some stellar playmakers/difference-makers on our team this is what I project we do.  Trade out of the top 5 and move to around the 10th spot and pick up CB Joe Haden.  Another stellar CB opposite of Flowers will help with the new pass-happy league that is springing up everywhere and give us great play from the starting gate on defense.  We would trade our #5 spot for Jacksonville's #10 and their 3rd round pick.

Next we would trade our 2b pick and one of next year's later round (6th or 7th) pick to Minnesota and pick up NT Terrance Cody.  Now, I know what you're thinking...big fat guy with a lazy work ethic...but from what I've been seeing of him lately and in his pro-day is that he CAN lose the weight and work hard and with a HC like Haley and a DC like Crennel working with him to fully get in shape and picking up his game he can chanllenge Smith for the starting NT spot in training camp.  Watching some of his games this year (my mom is a HUGE 'bama fan) he is a beast in the middle and with some muscle build up and good coaching he can easily make the transition to the NFL and be perfect center piece for our DL.

our 2a pick would be for for SS Taylor Mays.  I am going off the wall and I might have lost my sanity some...but, this is just suggestions, not something I want to put down for our team to follow like the Bible.  Taylor is a great tackler, a VERY hard hitter, and can lock up our run support help while Page or maybe a FA pickup (cough-Darren Sharper-cough) could help with our FS pass-covering support.  He does have some problems with pass coverage, but I believe that he can be coached up, especially with a vetran FA pickup (ala-Vrable to our OLB's) to help him learn some tips and tricks to apply to his passing game (or lack thereof). 

In the 3rd round we now have 2 picks and can pick up the best C and OL available that can compete (and probably take) for a starting position in training camp.  From the 4th to the end it is BPA to fill in our other needs at WR, RB, and anything else we need to be a more competative team. 

With FA I can see 3 more pickups to to give some veteran help.  Lilja for OL support at the OG  and Darren Sharper at the S position, and ILB Andra Davis would help a lot and also give some mentoring to the young players we have now and will pick up in the draft, whoever it is we pick.

This is all just ideas I had and I wanted to see what you all think of it.  Again, this is new to me and any ideas you might have on alternative players or trade ideas would be great to read.  Please give me your feedback.  I'd love to read it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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