Some Unconventional Thinking

I've noticed that since free agency and draft talk have been heating up, I have disagreed with most of the "conventional thinking" on a number or topics. This isn't a lecture on why I'm right, it's some devil's advocacy and debate fodder.


The Draft.

Eric Berry should NOT be the #5 pick. I don't  have any knocks on Berry as a player, I just cannot justify taking a safety this hight in the draft. S should be a luxury position. If you've got a solid front 7, the S out to have a rather easy job. The only time a S should go this high is if you're an otherwise pretty set team and S is the obvious place for upgrade. The Chiefs are too far removed from that condition to be spending a top 5 pick on even a great S. T, DT, WR, and LB are our prime areas of need.


Rolando McClain should NOT be the #5 pick either. Failing Berry, the second most desired name I'ver heard around AP for our first round pick is Rolando McClain. I don't think this is the right way to go either, though I would be much more confortable with it than Berry. While McClain at least addresses a position of high importance and need, I just don't think he's a terribly gifted LB. I see in McClain a clone of DJ; he's a fabulous athelete and a meh linebacker. Furthermore, KC would probably have a shot at a LB who I feel would be better in the pros with our 2a pick, Brandon Spikes.


Bryan Bulaga should be our #5 pick. OT is of incredible importance for this team. If we get a Stud LT in there we can move Albert back to his natural position and persue our options with Brian Waters. Bulaga is, in my view, the best T in the draft and will be available when we are on the clock. Okung will be gone, but I don't think he's any better than Bulaga. Okung started getting beaten more towards the end of last season whereas Bulaga stayed consistent.


KC's best pick will be 2a, not 1. There are so many good value pickups available at 2a that it will be hard to get it wrong. My preffered pick here is Spikes, but Tate just might be on the board, and there are a few DTs to pick from.


Taking a QB would not be a bad idea. I would not at all mind snagging a value QB later in the draft as a project and hail mary starter if Cassel and Croyle both bust. Dan LeFevour comes to mind. Jevan Snead, Tony Pike, and Jarret Brown could also be options.


Free Agency.


Thomas Jones was a terrible addition. Again, nothing against Jones as a player, I just can't justify him. We have a great young HB who does need a relief guy, but not one with the contract Jones commands. Jones is too expensive and, quite frankly, too good to be bringing on as a luxury backup HB. I also don't feel that Jones fits our need here all that well. I would have rather gotten a dozer here rather than the fairly small Jones. He's strong, just not a pile mover in my estimation. I would have been quite comfortable with Charles/Battle or Charles/cheap thunder back. Good player, wrong team.


Jeremeh Urban is a good pickup. When considering Cardinal's receivers I wish played for the Chiefs, Urban really doesn't come to mind. He does, however, have something I've noticed a lack of in our WR group: size. He's 6'3 and towers over every other guy we have but Bowe (also 6'3 i think)


Glenn Dorsey should probably be traded. I like the guy, I think the switch to 3-4 schemed him out of a job. Put McGee or Gillberry at DE and trade Dorsey to a team in need of a 4-3 DT. We would be able to get pretty decent compensation for him which we can use to improve elsewhere.

Shop Brian Waters. Waters is at that age where his play is on the downward slope but he's still good enough that a team in need of a 1-2 year fix would give up something for his services. In my thinking, we should draft a LT (Bulaga or Okung) and slide Albert over to his natural position of LG. Draft Walton at 2b to hold down the C job and look at FA or later rounds for a RG. If someone will take Waters we get compesated, if not put him at C and let Walton backup. The point here is just that we have options with the line and we should persue them.


There you have it. The mind of a madman.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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