UMass OT Vladimir Ducasse Speaks About Lack of Experience and Hope for Haiti

Perhaps the most popular project player available in the draft, University of Massachusetts offensive tackle Vladimir Ducasse is as raw as they come -- at least among the players still considered a top prospect at the NFL Combine. He's been linked to the Chiefs for a few weeks as a possible grab in the draft, and Scott Pioli personally attended a workout early on in the off-season.

Here at the Scouting Combine, Ducasse measured in impressively, but even his interview seemed as raw as his experience. Still that shouldn't sway the Chiefs from possibly cashing in on his tremendous potential.

Q: How has it been for you since the Senior Bowl?

A: Everything has been going well. I'm excited to be here. It's a blessing to be here, not many people get a chance to be invited to the NFL combine, so the experience is great. So far, so good.

Q: Being from Haiti, how much of a jolt was the earthquake in Haiti?

A: It was a little setback when I found out what happened. When I heard from my family and that everyone was okay, after the two days I came back and started working out again.

Q: What have you done at the combine?

A: I've had a couple interviews and went to the hospital for a couple of X-rays. Just got done benching.

Q: What teams have you met with so far?

A: So far, I've met with a lot of teams. Steelers, Cardinals, Bears. A bunch.

Q: How many family members do you have in Haiti?

A: My father is still back there. I have two uncles. A couple of cousins.

Q: How much family do you have in the States?

A: I have a good amount of family here.

Q: What city are you from in Haiti?

A: Port-au-Prince.

Q: So how did it work there?

A: The whole city was hit. Our house went down actually. Pretty much everything, they have to find another place to stay at.

Q: Last time he has been to Haiti?

A: I haven't been back ever since I came here.

Q: How did you feel about the response from U.S. for Haiti?

A: Pretty much it went pretty well. A lot of people have helped. Much more than what I was expecting, so it was pretty good.

Q: What have combine interviews been like?

A: Nothing was a surprise. Everything was expected and was great.

Q: What'd you measure in at?

A: I'm about 6-4 ½ and weighed in at 330 pounds.

Q: What position are you playing?

A: Right now they have me listed as offensive tackle. Left side, right side, I can play any position on the line.

Q: What did you learn at the Senior Bowl about handling the inside moves of pass rushers?

A: Pretty much, one thing I've learned is that the inside move, the problem was that I was oversetting and getting out too much. I need to be a little more patient.

Q: Can you talk about the level of competition coming from a small school?

A: It was great, pretty much what I was expecting, the speed and strength. Everybody is strong. Everything I can do at a small school I can do at the Senior Bowl so it was challenging but I got adjusted to it.

Q: Do you have some pride coming from a smaller school to the Combine?

A: Oh yeah, definitely. Not too many small-school players get a chance like that. A lot of pride in that.

Q: Why'd you go to UMass?

A: I didn't know the difference between D-I and D-IAA and UMass was my first scholarship. It was close to home so I went to UMass.

Q: How'd you start playing football?

A: I started playing football my junior year of high school. I was walking down the hallway, I was about 275 [pounds], and a couple of my friends and the coach came out and wanted me to try out for football.

Q: Why do you think you'll make it in the NFL?

A: I like competing, I'm physical. Up at this level, everybody is talented, everybody is athletic, everybody is fast, they just want to be able to see you finish and be physical and that's what I think I bring to the table.
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