Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/25


 Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet, gathered in one place. Enjoy.

So there are certainly pieces of the personnel puzzle that are put into place during the four days that a player spends at the Combine. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • There are 11 groups of players, based on position from special teamers (Group #1) to defensive backs (Groups #10-11.)
  • On Day No. 1, the players arrive in Indianapolis, they register, visit the hospital for a pre-exam and x-rays, go through an orientation session and begin interviews with individual teams.
  • Day No. 2 is official measurements, medical exams, psychological testing, media interviews and more interviews with the teams.
  • Day No. 3 features a meeting with the NFL Players Association, more psychological testing and interviews with the teams.
  • Day No. 4 has the on-field work and the players head out of Indy.
  • The special teamers, offensive line and tight ends began their four-day session on Wednesday and will be flying out of town on Saturday. The quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs arrive on Thursday. The defensive line and linebackers show up on Friday and the defensive backs come in on Saturday and will finish up the Combine with workouts on Tuesday.

Day 1 At The Combine … Thursday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

With free agency two weeks away and the NFL Combine set to begin next week in Indianapolis, I take great pride in bringing you my wild and crazy seven-round mock draft.

Last year, Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli failed to excite us by making only a single trade, dealing tight end Tony Gonzalez to Atlanta before the draft. This year I think he’ll restore his image by being a mover and shaker and making some bold moves.

That is reflected in the first of my three Chiefs Mock Drafts.

Chiefs Mock Draft – Version 1.0 from WPI

In what inevitably will be an offseason of thousands of mock drafts (including my own Mock Monday! series), some will inevitably be more interesting than others. After a while, mocks by their nature can become bland, especially as the Chiefs blogosphere becomes more and more of an echo chamber where roughly everybody begins to agree with one another.

But perhaps nobody has offered a more exciting, creative, and essential mock so far this offseason than Warpaint Illustrated’s Nick Athan, who has outflanked even yours truly when it comes to outside-the-box fantasizing for Pioli’s second NFL Draft with the Chiefs. Athan barrels through his mock with such reckless abandon that every other mock for the next two and a half months will seem downright conservative by comparison.

Warpaint Speculated from Arrowhead Addict

While I can't argue how important it was to beat the Saints the way the Cowboys did, I still pick the Kansas City win as the most important game of the season, and in time, maybe the most important this franchise has seen in two decades.

October seems like a year ago, considering how the drama and excitement that transpired in the second half of the season. But if you don't win that game in Kansas City, who knows what happens next.

Because the Cowboys didn't have another game to right the ship the next week. It was the bye. That's two full weeks of doom-and-gloom around here to the highest degree.

Franchise Shifter from

Mark Twain famously once said, "There's lies, damned lies, and then there's statistics."

You be the judge. I feel that way about numbers sometimes. But the more I look at what's brewing in KC, the more alarmed I am that no one else is noticing...

Scott Pioli. Romeo Crennel. Charlie Weis.

You know how many Super Bowl rings these guys got? Three.

Oakland Raiders Need to Wise Up or the KC Chiefs Will Become a Dynasty from Bleacher Report

The Chiefs must be on edge about Matt Cassel. The fate of the club rests on the arm of a $28 million quarterback. Last year, he didn’t perform well. He became more comfortable as the season progressed but still failed to make anticipatory throws or to operate in a cluttered pocket.

The underwhelming offensive line was slightly more encouraging than people would guess.Branden Albert is fundamentally sound and could become an upper-tier LT with improved pass protection awareness and more aggression in the run game. The Pro Bowl LG Brian Waters still has It. The rest of the line was, at best, average. But a team can survive with “average.”

State of the Chiefs: What the 2009 Film Revealed from The New York Times

Player Tweets

GlennDorsey72 Workout time let's get it!!!!
almighty31 CHI town then ATL nxt week
GlennDorsey72 Watchin 1st 48...
almighty31 cooking baked chicken tonight. will make the phone calls tomorrow
almighty31 aww man. phone got soaked. SMH. wat am i gonna do now

Media and Fans

projopatsblog Multiple reports from Indianapolis and Combine - Robert Kraft says deal with Vince Wilfork is "very close"
Adam_Schefter Hall of Fame game will be Aug. 8 in Canton -- Bengals vs. Cowboys.
 Adam_Schefter Given his choice, LaDainian Tomlinson would sign with Houston. But Texans haven't fared well with veteran backs, so deal there not likely.
 JoshLooney - You know the combine is a big event if adam teicher is on his way to cover it...naturally the star is in hand
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