How I'd handle the 6 most talked about names in KC's off-season

It's no secret that the six most talked about names recently on this site are Julius Peppers, Karlos Dansby, Vince Wilfork, Anquan Boldin, Glenn Dorsey and Derrick Johnson.  Two of those are free agents, two of those are currently on other teams, and two of those are members of the Chiefs.  If I were GM for a day, the following details how I would handle these six names (while trying to be as realistic as possible).


Free Agency:

Julius Peppers- 6’7’’, 283 lbs, just turned 30 in January
What I’d offer: $80 million over 6 years ($13.33 M/ year average)
Signing bonus: $20 million ($3.33 M/year)
Base pay: $60 M total
Base pay broken down:
Year 1 = $10 M
Year 2 = $5 M
Year 3 = $ 8 M
Year 4 = $12 M
Year 5 = $12 M
Year 6 = $13 M

Reasoning for this: You can almost assume that Peppers will want a contract that exceeds Jared Allen’s $72M but I think it’s unrealistic to expect any team to offer something close to the $100M Haynesworth received. With a large base pay up front, Peppers will receive a dollar amount that equals the average overall value of his contract ($10 M base pay + $3.33 M bonus = $13.33 M in year one). Years two and three dip a bit in base pay in the event of a stricter salary cap in 2011 and 2012. The contract is backloaded so that the salary jumps to high levels in years 4 - 6 so that if Peppers doesn’t meet expectations, he can be released and still save the team money. He would still be owed the remaining bonus money from the contract and it would count against the salary cap for its respective year, but it would save the Chiefs tons of money. Rather than pay Peppers $15.33 M, $15.33 M and $16.33 M in the final three years of his deal, it would only cost KC $3.33 M in each of the final three years if they were to cut him, thus a savings of $12-13 M against the salary cap each year. Peppers will be 33 years old when year 4 of his contract hits, so it’s reasonable to believe that he may be slowing down and not worth $15+ M anymore. So in retrospect, if Peppers were to only play 3 years of this contract, it would essentially be a 3 year deal for $43 M. Peppers would actually make more money that way while the Chiefs would save in the long run, yet the 6 years for $80 M would look much more attractive to lure him to Kansas City.


Karlos Dansby- 6’4’’, 250 lbs, turns 29 in November
What I’d offer: $37.5 million over 5 years ($7.5 M/ year average)
Signing bonus: $15 million ($3 M/year)
Base pay: $22.5 M total
Base pay broken down:
Year 1 = $2.5 M
Year 2 = $3 M
Year 3 = $4.5 M
Year 4 = $5.5 M
Year 5 = $7 M

Reasoning for this: Even though he’s a year younger than Peppers, he plays a position with a shorter lifespan. Lance Briggs received $36 M over 6 years from the Bears in 2008. That was 2 years ago and for a player less versatile than Dansby so I think he gets closer to the $7+ M average/year range. Considering he’s just 28 at the moment, it’s not out of the question that he plays out the life of the contract before his skills begin to decline. However, he will be 32 years old entering year 5, so he could be cut prior to that year for a savings of $4 M.


Incoming Trades:

Vince Wilfork- 6’2’’, 325 lbs, turns 29 in November
The most I’d offer: 2010 2nd round pick (2A)

Reasoning for this: It’s no secret that KC needs a NT but giving up the 5th overall is not smart at all and I don’t feel that a future 1st round pick for a player is the way to go either. History has proven that the team receiving a future 1st round pick always fairs much better than the team who gave it up. I think the Chiefs 2010 2B pick (#49) will be too low for the Patriots potential asking price, but a pick at the top of round 2 may entice them to move Wilfork. If they don’t accept, then the Chiefs keep pick 2A and can use it on one of their other needs.


Anquan Boldin- 6’1’’, 217 lbs, turns 30 in October
The most I’d offer: 2010 4th round pick or 2011 4th round pick with any low round pick in 2010 thrown in

Reasoning for this: Kansas City has far too many needs than to lose a 3rd round pick for a player with no more than 3 years left. Boldin is certainly a great player, but he has a history of injuries and turns 30 soon. I don’t imagine the Cardinals moving him for a 4th and I’d expect another team to make a better offer, but I cant see the Chiefs benefiting by offering anything higher than a 4th for Boldin.



Outgoing Trades:

Glenn Dorsey- 6’1’’, 297 lbs, turns 25 in August
The worst I’d accept: 2010 2nd round pick (top 40 overall) or 2011 1st round pick plus a 2010 3rd round pick

Reasoning for this: Dorsey is a very good player, but he wont be an elite player while playing out of position (for those who don’t already know, I feel VERY STRONGLY that he is not strong enough to play a two-gap defense…he was blessed with a quick burst, which best fits a one-gap defense). If KC can land an early 2nd round pick in 2010, it gives the team an opportunity to target more positions of need if they believe that Alex McGee can step in. After using a 3rd round pick on McGee last year, the Chiefs must expect more out of him than just providing depth. If KC can receive an offer for a future 1st and a 3rd in 2010, I think they also must bite on that…but nothing less. If they move Dorsey, they need at least one pick in this upcoming draft in return.


Derrick Johnson- 6’3’’, 242 lbs, turns 28 in November
The worst I’d accept: 2010 4th round pick or 2011 4th round pick

Reasoning: I’d hate to see D.J. leave for just a 4th because I think he’s the best player on the defense. In fact, I’d love to see him take over for Vrabel’s spot. Let him use his speed to anchor the outside and to rush the passer like he did at Texas. Now back to reality, a 4th round pick sure seems low for a player of his talents, but it’s actually very good compensation for a 28 year old linebacker who is in and out of the starting lineup. I just fear that he would go on and excel with another team and we’d be stuck wishing we never dropped him for a 4th. But unfortunately, I cant envision any other team offering more than a 4th for him at this point in time. If KC does get that offer, I think it has be tempting.


Now I dare to ask the question...what do you guys think?  Agree or disagree?  Seem realistic and logical?  What would your asking prices and best offers be?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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