The Offensive Line Post

  Branden Albert is in the crosshairs here or maybe not. The Chiefs have Albert, Ryan O'Callaghan, Ikechuku Nduckwe, and Barry Richardson as OT on the roster.

Barry Richardson 6'6 319 who is now listed on the NFL website as Guard had played in 10 games with 1 start.
Ikechuku Nduckwe 6'4 325 who is listed on the mothership as a Tackle played in 12 games with 3 starts.

  The Kansas City Chiefs Tackle position for 2010 seems to be in flux. The Chiefs might deem it worthy the #5 pick in the 2010 draft. The Chiefs also might deem the position worth a traded down pick position if Scott Pioli can work some magic. It is also and probably will be addressed in some way in this draft. The Chiefs have instituted a change in scheme in the second half of the 2009 season with a Zone-Blocking type O-line. All of the current players have now had some time in that scheme and any new-comers would be expected to contribute also.

  The whole draft depends on the Chiefs' management decision on Branden Albert as a Long-term LT. If Branden stays then the Chiefs will move to lesser positions of need. If not it would be a tossup on LT or NT based on Fit of the players at the draft position we ultimately pick from. It might also depend on the availabilty of a Player to fit the schemes at the 2a pick. Neither NT or LT is a position easy or cheap to fill in FA.

Draftteck has a couple of very interesting write-ups on the Tackle and Interior O-line positions Tackles Interior lineman

Offensive Tackles

1st Round Russell Okung Oklahoma State 6'5 300
1st Round Bryan Bulaga Iowa 6'6 312

"The best fit for Bulaga would be on a zone blocking team in the NFL, because of his familiarity with the system. "

1st Round Trent Williams Oklahoma
1st Round Anthony Davis Rutgers
1st Round Bruce Campbell Maryland
1st Round Charles Brown USC 6'5 295  another good fit for a Zone-blocking scheme
2nd Round Jason Fox Miami
2nd Round Rodger Saffold Indiana 6'5 312
2nd Round Selvish Capers West Virginia
2nd Round Jared Veldheer Hillsdale
2nd Round Kyle Calloway Iowa
2nd Round Ciron Black LSU
2nd Round Sam Young Notre Dame 6'8 330 Definitely a RT prospect 
Zane Beadles Utah
Ed Wang Virginia Tech

Offensive Guards

1st Round Mike Iupati Idaho   Iupati is now being looked at as Tackle prospect and his draft pick will reflect that.
Vladimir Ducasse Massachusetts
Jon Asamoah Illinois
Mike Johnson Alabama
Brandon Carter Texas Tech
Mitch Petrus Arkansas
John Jerry Mississippi

Offensive Centers

1st Round Maurkice Pouncey Florida 6'5 318
 An interesting link from the SportingNews 
2nd Round J.D. Walton Baylor
3rd Round Matt Tennant Boston College
4th Round Ted Larsen North Carolina State

  Other than the skilled positions of LT and Center, most O-Lineman are interchangeable if they fit the scheme. Is it possible to draft the best Center to play a Guard spot? Happens all the time. Would it be better to draft a possible RT and move him to a Guard spot? Again happens all the time. Draft for the best possible outcome and the Guards fall into place. Happens all the time.

Geaux Chiefs

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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