Ok'  now I'm sure some of you can't stand the sight of my name on here by now and it's cool. Like I have said before on here NOBODY wants the CHIEFS to be consistent winners more than me trust me. If I would have only known how many kleenexes I would go through over the 40+ years of being a Chiefs fan I would have bought Kimberly Clark stock at the beginning.

              I just want to pose a question or two to you guys and get your thoughts, no need to trade insults/jabs etc.


1.  WHY would Charlie Weis come all the way to KC if Chicago was also gonna offer him a job?

        He could easily commute and not disrupt his family's routine near as much as well as easily stay in close touch with the non-profit he set up which will probably where his daughter spends her adult life once he and his wife are gone. He isn't liable to starve anytime soon with all the $$ he left ND with so it certainly wasn't about just the $$. Anybody know what his salary in KC is? I have no clue, just mildly curious.

        Now no offense to all the folks with the huge amounts of football knowledge on here, but if we all were really that smart we would be working in the NFL and getting on here when we were bored to read all the posts for a good laugh most of the time. Charlie made a huge investment in bringing Clausen to ND, he put his reputation on the line for the kid and all in all even with the majority of posters on here it didn't seem to hurt him too bad even with how things ended up at ND. He groomed the kid to play in the NFL and undoubtedly encouraged him to enter the draft. Is this all really just coincidence?

         I don't ever recall reading where Weis had ever been fired in the past? Now let's not forget he, Haley, and Pioli are probably damn close friends and the thought of working together was probably pretty endearing to all three. Especially when you throw Romeo into the mix as well. I may be crazy but I wondered when Haley set Chan free if he bounced the idea off Weis first. I also think they probably kept tabs on each other (maybe closer than we will ever know) and bounced ideas off each other in regards to their individual situations.

          We can't be so ignorant to believe Clausen was never a topic of discussion amongst both or all of them. Some of us may like to think we have the answers or really know what's going on behind the scenes but in reality we probably don't. I could be just as guilty of this as the next guy here too, I just like to throw up hypotheticals and see where things go from there.

          Something just makes me think there had to be that little extra nugget to bring Charlie out here with all things considered. Could it have maybe gone like this? "Well Charlie ya know were gonna have a pretty high draft pick and maybe your boy Jimmy would be available...." I don't buy the "it would be too much money" angle either, Clark wants a title after all the years Lamar put into this. With the way KC has had one of the lower payrolls consistently right along with the low performance I see somebody going to the well. Daddy made it all happen and often in this scenario the next generation is a little more liberal when it comes to spending it.

    Nothing would get the most out of Cassel like the boy wonder sitting right behind him, if you disagree with that I have less faith in all of you than I ever had.

   Have a good one.


Go Chiefs 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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