Free Agency and the Chiefs. Why you shouldn't be excited about anyone

Ahh free agency. It's the stop-gap of things to talk about in between the end of the Pro-Bowl Superbowl and the beginning of the Scouting Combine and Draft. It's what will inevitably "make or break" your team based on a whole lot of fan clamoring, wishing, and dreaming.

"This guy is what we need to turn that corner and become DOMINANT!", "This guy is a total beast.", "We so need him on our team! PAY HIM BAJILLIONS OF DOLLARS NOW!"

Really? Do our beloved Chiefs lack 1 or two big name players on either side of the ball that will turn it around for the team? Is there any amount of loss we can cope with for trying to get one of these "marquee" players?

I for one, think not. There is nothing out there for us in free agency, Chiefs fans... At least, no one more than a stop-gap.

Many people may be quick to point out the Jared Allen trade as it pertains to the Chiefs. The Vikings defense went from ranked 20th to 6th in the offseason that they acquired Allen, which is a great leap for them. But look at Allen's history of playing versus those free agents this year... Allen, who made it well known he no longer wanted to be in Kansas City continued to play absolutely ball-out showing he was not a gamble for other teams to take on. He never disappeared in games. He was consistent.

Now, look at Julius Peppers. Inconsistent. He fits the "Larry Johnson" mold of a player who's looking for a payday and then quit at the first sign on trouble. Karlos Dansby is another hot name. But Dansby's stats are rather pedestrian for the pay he's going to command, not to mention he tends to disappear in games as well. I'm of the opinion that if you wouldn't want Antonio Cromartie playing defense for you, then you wouldn't want either of those guys either; especially not for the price you're going to have to pay them.


Vince Wilfork, the other hot free agent name being thrown around. Recently, today in fact, Wilfork received the non-exclusive franchise tag by the Patriots. Any team that want's to get him is going to have to pony up TWO first rounders for him, or whatever the Patriots deem as "fair compensation" in addition to actually paying him. As the old saying goes "Is one Wilfork worth two in the bush?" (or something like that at least)

Are you willing to give up TWO players to acquire ONE? 

I for one, am most certainly not. This  team is still building it's foundation, and mortgaging the future on any ONE player right now would be foolish to say the least. And anyone thinking Wilfork can be had for anything less than a first round pick plus additional compensation is delusional.

I refuse to believe that any one player will be able to come in and turn this Chiefs team around by themselves. It's going to take more than that on both sides of the ball to bring this team to a championship level, and that's what everyone wants. I think this team has to stick with the draft, find our own talent and when that talent escalates to a high level send them packing for great compensations. We don't want to be the Raiders or the Redskins throwing money at hot or sexy names. We want to be the team having those players on our roster, and we want to be the team that gets compensated with first round picks.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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