Free Agents to think about

 Everyone knows that the draft is extremely important.  It is the single most important event for a franchise.

But we all know you cant build a team 100% through the draft. A normal year a team will draft 7 players through 7 rounds. You are lucky to get 2 starters out of that, very lucky to get a guy who will make a difference.

So with the percentage of improving in one year through the draft very low. Lets look at some Free Agents who could possibly end up with the Chiefs.

These are Unrestricted FA according to

I will look at positions that we could use some improvement at. DT, WR, TE, ILB, S, and CB. 


Karlos Dansby 6'4 250 ILB 28yrs old 109 tackles 1 sack 1 int 1ff 4pd

Marty Booker 6' 205 WR 33yrs old 16 rec 181yrds 1td

Justin Bannan 6'3 310 DT 30yrs old 35 tackles

Kelley Washington 6'3 215 WR 30yrs old 34 rec 431yrds 2td

Josh Reed 5'10 210 WR 29yrs old 27 rec  291yrds 1td

Bryan Scott 6'1 219 S 28yrs old 81 tackles 2 sacks 1int 3pd

Mike Furrey 6' 195 WR 32yrs old 23 rec 170yrds

Larry Foote 6'1 239 ILB  29yrs old 99 tackles 2 sacks 4 pd

William James 6' 200 CB 30yrs old 73 tackles 2 int 14 pd

Anthony Henry 6'1 201 CB 33yrs old 46 tackles 2 int 7 pd

Dunta Robinson 5'10 182 CB 27yrs old 65 tackles 9 pd

Kevin Walter 6'3 218 WR 28yrs old 53 rec 611yrds 2td

Jason Ferguson 6'3 310 DT 35yrs old 23 tackles

Jimmy Kennedy 6'4 320 DT 30yrs old 18 tackles 3 sacks

Leigh Bodden 6'1 193 CB 28yrs old 56 tackles 5 int 19 pd

Ben Watson 6'3 255 TE 29yrs old 29 rec 404yrds 5 td

Fred Robbins 6'4 317 DT 32yrs old 25 tackles 2 sacks 5 pd

Sean Jones 6'1 220 S 27yrs old 61 tackles 1 sacks 2 int 5 pd

Tyrone Carter 5'9 195 S 33yrs old 61 tackles 1 sacks 2 int 4 pd

Ryan Clark 5'11 205 S 30yrs old 89 tackles 3 int 8 pd

Nate Burleson 6' 198 WR 28yrs old 63 rec 812yrds 3td

Dre Bly 5'10 188 CB 32yrs old 29 tackles 1 sack 3 int 13 pd

Randy McMichael 6'3 255 30yrs old 34 rec 332yrds 1td

Nick Harper 5'10 182 35yrs old 81 tackles 1 int 6 pd


These are just some key position Free Agents.

As you can see if we could sign a few of these guys it would free our draft up to get the best players available rather than draft for need.


Any thoughts are appreciated.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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