The Return of the Fly


Bryant's BBQ on 18th street KCMO. Scott Pioli has called a staff meeting. The restaraunt is empty except for the Bryants staff and The Chiefs coaching staff. Scott Pioli and Head Coach Todd Haley sit at either end of four well worn tables pushed together. On Scotts right sit the Defensive coaches Romeo Crennel, Gary Gibbs, Emmitt Thomas, and Anthony Pleasant. On Haleys right sit the Offensive coaches Charlie Weis, Maurice Carthon, Bill Muir with Steve Hoffman.

Scott Pioli: "Hey thanks for meeting me here this afternoon. My office was getting a little crowded with
all the SB Rings you guys keep showing up in." He chuckles "I do have a few myself." "Well, I would like
to discuss the upcoming Free Agency period and who we should look at." Pioli notices Romeo and Weis and for
that matter most of the staff staring towards the BBQ pit. "Ahem, Coaches, we will be served in a little while."
The coaches return their attention to Scott. "Obviously, we have some holes to fill in the roster."

All the coaches start to talk at once.
Gibbs: "Oh yeah, I got some issues."
Muir: "Yeah I need a guy or two."
Hoffman: "A punt returner, pleeeease."
Thomas: "Some damn good secondary guys out there."
Carthon: "Charles can do it all, But not all the time."
Crennel and Pleasant as one: "Nose Tackle!!!"
Weis: "One spare rib pleeeeease?"

Haley looks at Charlie quizzically and asks all the coaches to quiet down. Haley: "Shssssh." Pioli beams.
That anger management course that Haley signed up for seems to be working. The coaches fall silent.

Pioli begins again. "We have some holes, but I want to make clear." "Those draft picks are mine, all mine."
SO don't any of you get the idea I will be parting with them cheaply." "Coach Haley, any thoughts?"
Haley: "No, I'm good. I hope we can keep Chambers for the right price. My therapist, ah counselor, um friend
says that Anquan is just a passing fancy." Haley chokes just a little.

Pioli: "Okay, then, Romeo what do you think? Pleasant replies: "Wilfork." Romeo is nodding his head feverishly.
Pioli: "Now, How the Hell are we going to do that?" Romeo: "Maybe you could do that thing you do so well? Look we got Cassel and Vrabel for a 2nd last year." Pioli: "Hmmmph, it cost me every picture of Bill and the negatives too. I don't think that trade will happen again." "Okay, so noted. Wilfork might be an interesting hunt. Big game doesn't get much bigger than that."

Gibbs pipes up: "Dansby?" Pioli: "Maybe"
Carthon too: "LT?" Pioli: "NO"
Hoffman: "Josh Cribbs?" Pioli looks somewhat intrigued. Pioli: "That would be like hunting rabbits after Grizzly!"
Thomas: "Does this mean I get Berry?" Pioli "Why not!"
Pioli: "Charlie, what do you think?" Weis sorta moans as he stares at the BBQ pit: "I would like some Golden
taters and a side of Clausen slaw." as his eyes glaze over. Pioli is just dumbstruck. This was not a good idea.
Haley: "Charlie, hey Charlie? Need a pill? My uh, friend gave me some extras."


Geaux Chiefs

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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