Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/2

Good morning Chiefs fans! Here are you links for the morning. Joel is off to media day in Miami. You can follow his Super Bowl coverage here, which has been awesome so far if I do say so myself.

Enjoy the links!

ROAD TO THE BOWL: Willie Roaf proves to be one of late 1990s' few bright spots | The News Star
Amidst the rubble of a decade that concluded with some of the worst football played — and that’s saying something — by a New Orleans Saints team, there stood Hall of Famer Willie Roaf.

Kansas City Chiefs - Insider Blog: "Phase One" A Home Run
A new decade of Chiefs football has opened with a hit. The Chiefs front office keeps swinging for the fences in 2010 and has continued to connect. It’s like home run derby is being held at Arrowhead rather than across the parking lot. First the dismantling of Denver, then the hiring of Charlie Weis, followed by Romeo Crennel and now a Kansas City legend returning to his roots. "Phase I" of the Chiefs 2010 offseason plan just continues to get better and better. It’s been such a fun ride over the past month that I’m sad to see it come to a close.

Kansas City Chiefs Fan Site - Welcome Home Emmitt
The Chiefs have announced that the Hall Of Fame cornerback, that played for them from 1966 to 1978, is taking over as the new defensive backs coach. Emmitt Thomas owns the Chiefs record with 58 career interceptions. That statistic ranks him 9th all time in that category. This might not seem like a rare hire for most Chiefs fans, especially ones from the "old school." But this is definitely rare to say the least.

Setting strategy | Hopes up at a down time -
Creating a product buzz is something former Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez is hoping for with his new business endeavor. Gonzalez teamed with an existing company — Scilabs Nutraceuticals in Irvine, Calif. — to launch his All-Pro Science line of nutritional supplements last fall. Gonzalez said working with a company that already had the infrastructure to produce his product was important. "I definitely would not have wanted to do this by myself. I avoided a bunch of obstacles in this way," he said.

Chiefs News Chiefs Update | Chiefs Football at
Combine those new faces with holdovers like special teams coach Steve Hoffman, offensive line coach Bill Muir and assistant head coach/running backs Maurice Carthon, and there’s been a significant increase in skill and experience of the men around Haley.

'Reporters' Darnell Dockett, Ochocinco? Bring it on
Not all athletes use it in the right way.

Ochocinco's Bengals teammate, running back Larry Johnson, angered his former employer, the Kansas City Chiefs, when he tweeted that his own father had more credentials to coach in the NFL than did coach Todd Haley. He also landed a suspension for an anti-gay slur. Most players, however, can reap the benefits. That's what Ochocinco and Dockett are doing.

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