Tell me when......

          The last time the Chiefs went out on a limb? I mean really, when? KC has been so friggin conservative for as long as I can remember it almost makes me sick. No offense to the memory of Lamar (God love him) but c'mon.

       The most exciting thing in years was signing a waning Joe Montana, other than that is has been "what's his names?" and the "he was good in so & so" collection at QB.

         When was the last  time KC had a real shot at a potential 1st rd QB? The only KC guy that was a real winner (The big Dance) was Lenny. Half the folks that will read this were either not born or fillin Pampers (still had pins) when he won SB IV. 

        In the 44 SBs the MVP was a QB 23 times, 11 of those did it for the team that drafted them. 4 were multi time winners Starr, Bradshaw, Montana, & Brady.  8 of those MVPs played on defense

        Correct me if I'm wrong on this but I don't think any of them played for the guy that recruited them out of high school or coached them in college. The new OC did recruit and coach Claussen and has won multiple SBs in the OC capacity with one of those MVPs already. (Brady)

          Claussen is cocky and proved it by rolling up to ND in a limo. I think it's a plus that he didn't have a phenominal run at ND, wins wise anyhow. (may have humbled him a little) The black eye he received in a So. Bend bar prolly helped a little bit too.

         Reading some posts by KC fans it seems quite a few posters have really enjoyed the last 40 years. I read the same old approach that has been applied here time after time over and over, yet at the same time you all grumble about the past performances and results. What is the saying about doing the same things repeatedly and expecting different results?

          I read about and remember the "Great offensive line we once had!"  Just how many Lombardi trophies was it that they got us?  They put up some pretty awesome offensive stats but that was about it. When all was said and done we were on the couch watching someone else's team in the superbowl and mumbling "If that friggin Marty or Carl would have just.......".

          Been there done that folks and oppurtunities like the one that MAY be there at pick #5 don't come along all that often it don't seem to me.

         Now I'll admit I may be SLIGHTLY partial to old ND and the thought of ANOTHER of their QBs having a crack at starting for KC at some point almost rivals the effect of Cialis. (It could last 4 years and I aint calling the doctor)

         You all can scoff, laugh, spit, and cuss all ya want but if you can't see the woods through these trees you can bet the farm on the backup with a good heart and lead feet and I'll still love ya! It just may be awful tough not to say I told you so though when we see Claussen kick tail for somebody else. I guess we already are used to watching somebody else do that though eh?

        Besides, can you imagine the fodder this would give that Twitlock to sit back and chuckle like Jabba the hut? I hope they keep his ass around long enough to see the "Perfect Storm" come together and win it all just so he could send a signed blank page to print.

       All it will take are some (cahones, eggs, uevos) BALLS!

       There any of them left in KC?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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