How do we stack up in the NFL.

We all know how we stack up as a team in the NFL. We didnt do very well.

But do we have some positives to look at? Do we have some individuals that, stat wise, stack up to the NFL?

Lets find out how some of our guys stacked up against other NFL talent.

Matt Cassel - QB Rating 69.9

Mark Sanchez - 63.3

Brady Quinn - 67.2

Matthew Stafford - 61.0

Drew Brees - 109.6 NFL Leader


Matt Cassel - Completion % 55.0

Mark Sanchez - 53.8

Matthew Stafford - 53.3

Jake Delhomme - 55.5

Matt Ryan - 58.3

Drew Brees - 70.6 NFL Leader


Matt Cassel - Yards 2924

Matt Ryan - 2916

Chad Henne - 2878

Matt Hasselbeck - 3029

Matt Schaub - 4770


Matt Cassel - Interceptions 16

Peyton Manning - 16

Matt Hasselbeck - 17

Mark Sanchez - 20

Jay Cutler - 26 NFL Leader 


Matt Cassel - Sacked 42

David Garrard - 42

Jason Campbell - 43

Aaron Rodgers - 50 tie NFL Leader

Ben Roethlisburger - 50

Peyton Manning - 10!!


Jamaal Charles -Yards 1120

Frank Gore - 1120

DeAngelo Williams - 1117

Adrian Peterson - 1383

Chris Johnson - 2006 NFL Leader


Jamaal Charles - YPC 5.9 tie NFL Leader

Felix Jones - 5.9

Chris Johnson - 5.6


Brandon Flowers - Tackles 65

Darrelle Revis - 54

Dunta Robinson - 65

Cortland Finnegan - 64

Brandon Carr - 62

Richard Marshall - 88 NFL Leader


Brandon Flowers - Interceptions 5

Darrelle Revis - 6

Cortland Finnegan - 5

Leon Hall - 6

Charles Woodson & Asante Samuel - 9 NFL Leader


Brandon Flowers - Pass Deflections 23

Leon Hall - 24

Darrelle Revis - 31 NFL Leader

Charles Woodson - 18


Mike Brown - Tackles 103

Tyvon Branch - 124 NFL leader


Mike Brown - Sacks 2

Jim Leonhard - 2.5 NFL Leader




My conclusion to this research is that we do have a lot of room to get to be elite players. We are not as far away as our record indicates. We have some nice pieces in place to take this team far.


Some key thoughts to improve for next season.


1. Matt Cassel must make better reads and get the ball out of his hands faster. He was not the most sacked QB in the NFL. No more excuses. Eithe get the job done or be on your way. He threw the same amount of INT's as Peyton Manning but his completion % was a terrible 55%. Some of that is WR drops but even so thats not good enough.

Its either an accuracy problem or throwing to a covered guy and getting it batted away.

Weis will surely help to solve some of these issues.

2. Jamaal Charles is the future of the Chiefs. Keep this guy active throughout the game. Dont run him in the ground. I can see a good 20-25 carries a game to be healthy. Get him a backup bruising RB to take some carries.

3. Our WR must get better. This is crucial to our teams offensive success. If the ball is thrown to them they have to make the catch or atleast make a play on the ball. DBowe must step up and be the number 1 guy. You cant always get by just by making the spectacular catch. You have to catch everything. We have to get some more hands on the WR corp. We have to resign Chris Chambers.

4. We have to draft a starting Center in the Draft. That is priority number one. I think our Offensive Line will be a lot better after having a year to gel. We dont need any drastic changes.

5. We need a big NT to take up blockers.

6. We need atleast one sure fire ILB like McClain or Dansby.

7. We need a FS to replace McGraw. Eric Berry or a FA. A young athletic guy who is a ball hawk.

8. We need a solid KR/PR to make plays and get us good field position.


Your Thoughts Please....

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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