Which Chiefs Moment Hurt the Worst?


As I reflected upon the 2009 season I wondered if there had been any point in recent history in which I felt worse.  Surly there wasn't.

The Chiefs 2009 year was grueling.  At times it was painful to watch.  What made it worse was the fact that the Chiefs have had three consecutive seasons of painful football.  After three grueling years of being angry, sad, excited, depressed, and down right fed up there surly wasn't a moment in Chiefs recent history that hurt worse.

Was there?

Kansas City Chiefs 2009:

The Kansas City Chiefs conclude 3 consecutive seasons of 4 wins or less.  With a total three year record of 10-38.

  • Significant Event:  Chiefs experience a third straight season of having a .250 winning percentage. 

Kansas City Chiefs 2003:

The Chiefs came roaring out of the gates in 2003 winning their first nine games of the season.  In that season, fans witnessed Dante Hall set a record with four consecutive games with a kick return for a touchdown and Priest Holmes setting a new record of 28 touchdowns in one season.  The Chiefs finished the season with a 13-3 record and a first round bye in the playoffs.  The Chiefs then played the Colts at Arrowhead in what would be an offensive battle.  The Chiefs defense could not find a way to force Indianapolis to punt and the Colts advanced to the AFC Championship game by beating the Chiefs 38-31.

  • Significant Event:  Chiefs lose in first round of playoffs after a 13-3 record and a first round bye. 

Kansas City Chiefs 1998:

In 1998 the Chiefs would start fast but then go on a six game losing streak.  The season ended with the Chiefs recording a 7-9 record.  The significant event in 1998 was not the Chiefs record, however.  The significant event in 1998 was the news that Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer resigned his position and the long tradition of winning under the hard nosed coach was over.

  • Significant Event:  Marty Schottenheimer resigns. 

Kansas City Chiefs 1997:

In 1997 the Chiefs orginazation would experience a quarterback controversy.  Elvis Grbac was the season opening starter, but after a mid-season injury Rich Gannon took over and lead the Chiefs to five consecutive wins down the stretch, a 13-3 record, and a playoff birth.  However, Grbac would be able to return in the first playoff game and the fans of KC were divided on who should start.  Marty Schottenheimer eventually went with Elvis Grbac as his starter and the Chiefs lost the game 14-10.  Rich Gannon would eventually leave the team for the Raiders in 1999.

  • Significant Event:  Elvis Grbac gets the nod over Rich Gannon and the Chiefs go on to lose to Denver in the playoffs by a 14-10 score.  The eventual release of Rich Gannon goes into motion. 

Kansas City Chiefs 1995:

The Chiefs got off to a 10-1 start in 1995 and ended the season with a 13-3 record.  Kansas City earned a home field advantage and a first round bye in the playoffs.  The Chiefs played he Indianapolis Colts  in 11 degree weather and the kicker who shall not be named missed FIVE field goals in a 10-7 loss.

  • Significant Event:  The kicker who shall not be named misses five field goals in a 10-7 playoff loss.

Kansas City Chiefs 1993:

The 1993 season started with the Kansas City Chiefs trading for quarterback Joe Montana.  With Montana and a few other key additions the Chiefs finished the season with an 11-5 record and won the AFC west title.  The Chiefs would advance in the playoffs to play a road game against a highly favored Oilers team.  A 21-yard touchdown by Marcus Allen sealed the victory a very electric 28-20 win .  The Chiefs would then play in the AFC championship game against the Buffalo Bills.  Thurman Thomas would go on to lead the Bills to a 30-13 victory with 186 rushing yards.  The Chiefs falling a game short of making it to the Super Bowl. 

  • Significant Event:  Chiefs lose to Bills in AFC Championship game.  One game shy of the Super Bowl.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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