My Proposal to Fixing my Beloved Chiefs (Updated)

Note to Arrow Head Pride editor: Please allow this post to be separate of the mock draft post. I spent a lot of time and effort on this post, and I don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle. I want to generate discussion. This isn’t the every day mock. It’s very detailed, with stats, attributes, player descriptions, and footage.

Best intentions,

Larry E. McDaniel


My Proposal to Fixing my Beloved Chiefs


After watching the Kansas City Chiefs in 2009, I have realized a lot about the condition of the team. First and foremost, the team lacks speed on both sides of the ball. They also lack the physicality necessary to become playoff contenders. The offense often exhibits poor execution, lacks focus at times, and displays poor offensive line play. The defense has very few every down players. Have you ever wondered why there are massive substitutions during 3rd down, and passing downs? It’s because the Chiefs are playing with bench players and special teams players as starters. I think the Chiefs front office should focus on defense this offseason. The offense began to pick it up towards the end of the season. In this mock, I have taken into account the economy and CBA. After the jump, I will try and select players, and make trades that I feel will remedy the issues that have plagued the Chiefs for the past three seasons. Included with each draft selection is a detailed description of the players skills, and how they'll contribute to the Chiefs. I've also taken the liberty to provide footage, for those of you who are not familiar with the players that I have chosen. Last but not least, my 2nd  round is based on ESPN analyst, Todd McShays 1st round mock.


Free Agent Additions


Vince Wilfork – It’s more than likely that Wilfork will be franchised despite his wishes. Once that happens, The Chiefs should offer a 2nd and 4th for his services. Now I know that sounds steep but, finding a free agent NT will be very difficult. 3-4 teams will be scouring to find suitable NT's, and most teams will be re-signing or franchising them. 

Ben Watson – Watson is one of the better tight ends on the market this offseason. Watson was thought to be heavily featured in the 2009 Patriots offense, but that wasn’t the case. Watson, when give the chance displays vertical speed, and the ability to challenge defenses down the seam. The Chiefs tight ends have been inconsistent at catching the ball, and at blocking. Watson excels at both. Of course there is the Pioli and Cassel connection here, and I think this would be a perfect fit.

Conclusion: So I don't have the Chiefs going crazy in free agency. The market is saturated with restricted free agents. All the unrestricted free agents either have minimal gas left in the tank, or will be heavily recruited by all the teams in the NFL. One trade and signing will suit the Chiefs just fine.


2010 NFL Draft



- Place a 2nd round tender on ILB/OLB Derrick Johnson, and execute a trade.

- With Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford, or maybe both available at the 5th pick, the Chiefs trade back and acquire another 2nd round pick.


Draft Picks:

RD 1 – 1 pick

RD 2 – 3 picks

RD 3 – 1 pick

RD 4 – 0 picks

RD 5 – 3 picks


Round 1 - ILB, Rolando McClain (Age: 21, Height: 6'4, Weight: 258 lbs.)

McClain has been rising up draft boards since the beginning of the season, and after watching him play, there is no wonder why. McClain brings intensity, intelligence, and instincts that are unrivaled in the NCAA.  He is great at diagnosing plays, shedding blocks, and exploding through ball carriers. He can also drop into zone coverage, and does well on blitzes and stunts. The Crimson Tide run a very complex 3-4 Defense, and McClain has mastered it, showing off his football IQ. Being the undisputed leader of the team, McClain often inspires his team, and receives great results. If you place him behind a good Nose Tackle, he becomes an instant playmaker, similar to Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis. This is the leader the Chiefs desperately need. 

Footage: Rolando McClain Highlights


Round 2 – WR/PR, Golden Tate (Age: 21, Height: 5’11, Weight: 200 lbs.)

This is my favorite pick of the draft. McShay and have him available in the 2nd, and Kiper has him drafted at 29. There could be a chance that Tate is sitting there at the top of the 2nd. Tate is one hell of a player. Not only did he come up under Wies’s pro style offense but, Tate displays many qualities that Pioli, Haley, and Weis covet. Strong hands, the ability to adjust mid air and meet the ball at its highest peek, a tough blocker, and the list goes on, truly. The former Running Back has thick legs, great balance, and tremendous vision. Those qualities make him excellent with the ball after the catch. A bubble screen or, quick slant can easily be turned into huge chunks of yardage. His agility and acceleration make him versatile. He can be the Chiefs wild cat threat, and return punts as well. I have heard many analysts compare him to Percy Harvin. If you ask me, that assessment is a tad bit off. He is a much more polished receiver than Harvin. If you’re looking for a player to compare him to, look no further than Carolinas Steve Smith. Tate is that tough, and that good with the ball in his hands. Look for Weis to move Tate all over the field, to create mismatches. Tate will quickly become a fan favorite, and a favorite of Matt Cassel

Footage: Golden Tate Highlights


Round 2 – OG/OT, Vladamir Duccasse (Age: 22, Height: 6’5, Weight: 330 lbs.)

Duccasse is an interesting prospect. Many team executives, and scouts have taken notice of him. He is a fiery and athletic lineman, who can play inside or outside. Duccasse started playing football his senior year in high school, so he is raw to the sport. While Duccasse dominated week in and week out during his senior season, the level of competition comes into question. Pioli visited the Minutemen’s practice, and watched Duccasse in action, and he came away impressed. During the Senior Bowls week of practice, Duccasse showed promise, but also was inconsistent. He had a hard time with the speed, and level of talent. All these negatives still do not detour me from selecting him this high. Hw shows great promise, and with the proper tutelage, he will either be our future Left Tackle, or premier Guard. In the mean time, Duccasse will settle in next to O’Callahan, and secure a spot of need. Eventually if Duccasse continues to mature and progress, he can take over at Left Tackle, if Albert isn’t the guy. Once Brian Waters retires, Albert can play Left Guard and Duccasse Left Tackle, or vice versa. 

Footage: N/A


Round 2 – SS/FS, Morgan Burnett (Age: 21, Height: 6’1, Weight: 210 lbs.)

At Georgia Tech, Morgan’s role on defense was to play the rover position. The rover position is what Steelers Safety, Troy Palomalu plays. He lined up at Strong Safety, Free Safety, Linebacker and Cornerback. His athletic ability allows a defensive coaching staff to be very creative, and cause havoc for opposing offenses. Again, the Chiefs staff covets versatile players, and Burnett is no exception. Safeties Jon McGraw and Mike Brown did a serviceable job in 09’, but they are not starters in the NFL. Both can provide the team with leadership, depth, and good special teams play, but that is it. Jarrad Page was placed on IR last season, not only for his injury, but because he was dogging it in practice and in the games. Unfortunately, the Chiefs might have to roll with Page for one more season. The free agency pool has very little talent when it comes to unrestricted safeties. Burnett and Page can team up to improve the safety play. Not only is Burnett an athletic safety who can cover the entire field, but he is a ball hawk as well. With 14 college career interceptions, Burnett can supply the Chiefs with more dynamic plays in the secondary. In 09’ the turnovers came far and few between, and that’s a direct result of poor safety play. Most people want to draft Eric Berry in the 1st round, but getting Burnett in the 2nd is a great value.

Footage: Morgan Burnett Highlights 


Round 3 – CB/KR/PR, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (Age: 21, Height: 6’1, Weight: 205 lbs.)

Many of you may not know of this guy but, he can become a special player with the right mentoring. In DII, Ansah was a shut down corner. The ball rarely came his way, and when it did, it was intercepted or batted down. Ansah has excellent read and react skills. Those skills help him recognize routes quickly and jump them. He possesses the size and aggression to effectively press receivers, and also has the hip flexibility to stick with anyone, anywhere on the field. Not only is Ansah a good prospect at cornerback, he is a superb returner. With 5 returns for touchdowns in 09’ (2 KR, 3 PR), he would drastically improve the Chiefs special teams. If he’s not returning kicks, he will team up with Copper, Leggett, Lawrence, and McGraw to create an outstanding unit. Depending on Ansah’s progression in training camp, he can become the Chiefs starter opposite of Flowers. If not, the nickel will suit him just fine. In 09’ the nickel back was a big let down. Slot receivers often torched the Chiefs for big games. Ansah is an emotional and confident leader. He barks and bites, similar to the way Flowers does. All in all, Ansah will help the Chiefs on multiple fronts. Do you see the common theme amongst most of my picks? Versatility.

Footage: Unfortunately N/A


Round 5 – NT/DE, Arthur Jones (Age: 23, Height: 6’4, Weight: 300 lbs.)

Arthur Jones may see his draft stock fall dramatically, due to a season ending knee injury.Prior to the injury, Jones was a dominant force in the middle of the Syracuse defense.  Once healthy, Jones will add depth to the Nose Tackle position, as well as the Defensive End position. Typically Nose Tackles aren’t 300 lbs. but, Jones anchors himself, and plays with such power. One attribute Jones carries is, he’s very stout against the run. Using his strength and long arms, he swallows double teams, keeps defenders at a distance, covering his gap and preventing cut back lanes. Jones shows great hustle and side line to side line mobility. With a rotation of Dorsey, Jones, Wilfork, Jackson, McGee, the Chiefs will be set for years on the defensive line.

Footage: Arthur Jones Highlights


Round 5 – RB, Ben Tate (Age: 21, Height: 5’11, Weight: 218 lbs.)

Short yardage and goal line situations have been an area of concern for the Chiefs in 2009. I don't think this problem specifically falls on Jamaal Charles. I like to think he is a tough runner, who can hammer it in there, but he is only 200 lbs, and that's not heavy enough for those situations. The culprits are the members of the offensive line. The Chiefs olinemen are more of finesse blockers. That being said, we need a big back that can push the pile, and still has the speed and agility to supplement Charles. Tate would be the thunder to Jamaal's lighting. Tate was very productive in 09’. In the SEC, he recorded 1362 rushing yards, 10 TDs, with a 5.2 avg. Not only can Tate power it up in there, but he has the vision and quickness to take advantage of the Chiefs zone blocking system. Auburn usually produces quality running backs, and I don’t see any reason why Tate would be any different. 

Footage: Ben Tate Highlights


Round 5 – OC, Eric Olsen (Age: 21, Height: 6’5, Weight: 305 lbs.)

Obviously there is a Weis connection here. Weis recruited Olsen, and knows him very well. Olsen’s familiarity with Weis’s system and terminology will help smoothen his transition to the NFL. All year, Olsen called the shots on the Irish’s offensive line, and helped keep Jimmy Clausen clean. I’m not sure, matter of fact I am certain, that the Chiefs cannot fix every problem this offseason. I expect for Rudy Niswagner to be resigned, due to the fact that there is very little talent at the Center position in free agency. Olsen adds competition in OTA’s, and gains valuable knowledge from Niswagner, and Waters. Who knows, he may just beat Rudy out for the starting spot. Here’s to hoping! 

Footage: N/A



After watching the East West shrine game, and Senior bowl I have complied a mock offseason that I feel would make the Chiefs competitive in the AFC West. I think I have addressed most of the teams needs, but not everything can be fixed in one offseason. I sprinkled in youth, along with veterans. More speed and quickness have been added, and more leadership as well. I feel that this team could drastically improve, and get in the range of .500 (8-8). I want the Chiefs to win the division, and go to the playoffs, but again, I’m trying to keep my expectations of players and the season realistic.


Starting Lineups



CB, Brandon Carr | FS, Jarrad Page | SS, Morgan Burnett | CB, Brandon Flowers

OLB, Tamba Hali | ILB, Jevon Belcher | ILB, Rolando McClain | OLB, Mike Vrabel

DE, Glenn Dorsey | NT, Vince Wilfork | DE, Tyson Jackson



LOT, Albert | LG, Waters | C, Niswagner | RG, Duccasse | ROT, O’Callahan

WR, Dwayne Bowe | WR, Chris Chambers | WR, Golden Tate | TE, Ben Watson

QB, Matt Cassel | RB, Jamaal Charles | FB, Mike Cox


Special Teams

P, Dustin Colquitt | K, Ryan Succop | PR, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah | KR, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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