Optimism Justified

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I want to remind you all of why this Chiefs team was not so great in 2009.  For one, the coaching staff is BRAND NEW.  We have a new offensive scheme, and defensive scheme.Half of the players on this team were NOT on this team the year previous. I am personally getting tired of hearing everytime i come to AP, "We have so many holes to fill" "I dont know what to draft cause we have so many needs!" I call bullshit.  Let me explain.

On defense for example.  T-Jack was in his rookie year, and I think we all know how difficult it can be to come to the D-line in the NFL from college, especially in the 34. Glenn Dorsey was also out of his element with this D, but was obviously one of our better run supporters.  He came into his own during the latter part of the year, getting his
first sack. Our LB's are solid I think, yes we could use one more for depth or to switch in on certain packages.  But D.J I think has proven he is a GREAT starter in the run and pass.  Cory Mays is very fast and can stop the run, he shoots the gap like a bolt of lightning. Vrabel is a vet and a leader on this team and is solid all around, especially tackling.  The Brandons are solid, we all know Flowers is a beast, and I think Carr had a rough time
cause everyone was throwing at him more.  Our problems on D come at the safety position. I like Page
a lot and I for one am a HUGE Eric Berry supporter, PLEASE DRAFT HIM! Mike Brown tackles as well as
Al Davis drafts... A Safety or D-lineman in this draft during the 2-3rd rounds would appease me.

On offense I think we arent too bad off.  Matt Cassel has proven time and time again he can throw
a good ball when given a little bit of time.  Its his deep ball that needs work, but again with extra time
I think that will improve.  Jamaal Charles, I dont have to say much about him. Tell me this, if we didnt have Larry
Johnson walking the ball and had Charles running with it, how many games would we have won? Our WR's are above average.If we get Chambers and Bowe in the off-season working together and toss in another WR somewhere thru FA or the draft I think we will be much better.  Bowe needs to work on those drops still tho of course... But again, he is another
guy I just like and have faith in.  TE I like Cottam and Pope. The only problem is that line.  We get Okung, move Albert than I think a lot of those problems disappear.

I think we all saw what this team is capable of in multiple games last year, specifically the Pitt/Den game.  Maybe I am optimistic, but I think my optimism will be justified by reality this coming up year.  I think a lot of the pieces are in place, one draft/FA and off-season, this team could be a real threat especially in our division, let alone the NFL.
All im sayin is that this team is nowhere near the piece of swiss cheese a few of you are making them out to be,
(hole filled for the slow ones) They now have a year in it, they have a good idea of what they are going to try and do with this team and I think the few holes there are, will be filled and this team will shock a few analysts/writers.  Like Brandon Flowers said
"I want all eyes on us next year!"

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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