What Would We Do?

What Would You Do?

So this is my first post to this website. apparently people tell me i should say something like; first time, long time. I was wondering how i should mark this glorious 1st post? should i go with a "welcome to unemployment josh mcdaniels.": or should i stay classy and go with "people are talking **** about you josh mcdaniels!"  I ended up figuring that maybe i should just do a post that could have been done, but haven"t seen in my time here on this blog,

     My first original post was going to be "if chiefs win this would be biggest road win since clinching playoff spot on road against raiders in 1995." Since raiders actually won against bolts this weekend it kind of ruins that whole headline. This weekend will be great win for us as a franchise, but now pressure is off us, in my opinion, to knock those media hyped bolts into draft looking spectators.

No, this article will focus on something I may not have seen since i"ve been here. What if? Just a touch about me. I have watched every game since 1991 season. I was there when Montana and Allen brought us back from ten down to steelers in playoffs. I was there when Marty Schottenheimer led us to 13-3 record with 49ers 3rd string qb (who will never be named, along with kicker who...............i've said too much)

What this fanpost wants to know is actually....what would you do if the Chiefs actually defied all odds and made it to the Super Bowl? I know its a longshot, plus its a long way to go; but can't we ever dream? For my whole life i"ve waited for something to go wrong. Expected someone better to just beat us. Obviously won"t talk about 1995 season, but in 1997 I just expected donkeys to beat us in playoffs (although i will never forgive the pass interference call against Gonzalez in endzone). 2003 and 2006 the colts, in my opinion were better team, and we lost..

What if, though, we proved that this year was the year to stop pessimistic people like me? why cant it happen to this team? couple of years ago it was the rams. i believe 5 years ago it was the steelers. heck, 10 years ago the patriots pulled off the impossible against the rams. Why not us?

More importantly, how would you react? Speaking for myself, i"d probably cry in excitement, which is saying something since i generally show no emotion. To me, it'd show that miracles do happen. All my life it seems a fantasy that chiefs would ever be there. If it'd happen i probably would break down and realize that maybe good things can happen.

What about you? Thanks for reading and these opinions are my own but i imagine that any kansas city fan would love that feeling that one day, when stars are aligned; we can finally not dream it, but expect it to happen

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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