The Upcoming Playoffs And Enforcing Chiefs Will


I've been reading the playoff scenarios that have been hitting AP.  Unfortunately, it seems as though most of those scenarios are being expounded upon from the position that the road for the Chiefs has become so uphill that the odds favor everyone else rather than the Chiefs.  I guess that's what happens when the team is a young one that has had some consistency problems over the year.  Oh, and more than a few problems winning games over the last three years.  Those problems tend to create an atmosphere of disbelief in a team that is showing tremdous improvement.  How many comments have I seen now that continue to say "I'm beginning to believe", or "I'm not there yet", or even "I want to climb aboard but I just can't quite do it yet"?  I see them all the time. 

It will take another year, say the majority.  These guys just can't be ready for the big time yet.  Why it was just last year that we only won 4 games!  Get real!  It was a nice little season, but it is only the precursor for greater things to come.  There's that fear of supporting an underdog that many Chiefs fans harbor, rearing it's ugly head again. 

Fear not I say!  The Seargent is telling us it is time to unleash and enforce some Chiefs Will.




How many fans would have said that I was one crazy cat, if I had told them that after playing 11 games this season that we would be 7-4?  A lot.  How many would have said the same if I had told them that Matt Cassel would throw for 469 yards against the Broncos in Denver in a losing effort, and that come week 13 Dwayne Bowe has a realistic shot at adding his name to the list of WRs with the most receiveing TDs in a single season?  How many would have cruicified me for having the unmitigated gall to say that after week 12 our Chiefs (with many of the same personel) would rank 4th in the NFL in total points and 6th in total yards?  Tons.



The path to Greatness is often hidden from all but the rearward looking eye.  Many times those on the path do not know it at the beginning.  I think the Chiefs are on that path and the spoils of war may not be as far away as it is commonly believed.



I have been doing a little extrapolation and have come to the conclusion that the Playoff picture is very difficult to read right now because of the number of games left.

I believe that the Chiefs chances of making the playoffs are very good.  They are also, not necessarily limited to winning the West. 

I would think that it comes down to the following 5 teams.  The Chiefs, Patriots, Jets, Steelers and Ravens.

I know, what about Indy and Jacksonville? 



Currently they are at 6-5 and already 1 game behind the Chiefs.  These two teams still have to play each other before season's end, so it gaurantees that one will have at least 6 losses.  Neither team is playing consistently enough to think that they will go on a tear and finish with 11 wins, so which ever one wins the Division will probably be the only one that gets in the playoffs.  There are too many teams with better records right now for me to think that either one of these teams is anything but a very long shot at a wild card spot--unless the Chiefs win the West.

Therefore, we are back to talking about our original five.

Obviously if the Chiefs win out, we win the west and open up a wildcard spot for one of those current 6-5 teams to occupy.  This could happen, but because of the dog fights going on for divisional winners, it is unlikely.  Every game for the Chiefs from here on out will be tough.  The three divisional opponents need no explanation.  Tennessee has to play Indy twice yet and one of those meetings occurs in the final week of the season.  They are only 1 game behind Indy and Jacksonville right now for the division title so when they show up at Arrowhead they will be a tough out.  St. Louis at 5-6 is tied for their division lead as well.  They will most likely be in the race down to the wire just like the Titans, just how lucky can the Chiefs get?  So much for the rest of the Chiefs easy schedule!

What's most interesting about this coming Sunday is that both New England and the Jets, and Pittsburg and the Ravens play each other.  This is interesting because it gaurantees that two of these four will add a loss to their total.  That means that if KC can beat Denver, and we will have two clear divsion leaders taken out of that 5 team mix, KC will be tied with one of the others at 8-4 and both of these teams will be behind only one other at 9-3.  In other words, the AFC East will have 10-3 record divsion leader ahead by one game over the second place team.  AFC North will have 9-3 division leader ahead by one game over the second place team.  This leaves a 9-3 AFC East second place team, an 8-4 AFC north second place team and an 8-4 Chiefs in contention for those two wild card spots should the Chiefs get clipped by SD in the West.

The speculation can go on and on, but the Chiefs are right there in the mix.  With 5 games yet to be played, we are in the thick of both the division title and wild card spot battles.  Who could ask for more from a last years 4 win team? 



It is because of this need for the Chiefs to win games to stay in contention that I believe that what you will see on the field from here until the last week of the regular season will be like watching fireworks.  Many of you have been asking for Weis to unleash the passing game in all it's glory.  With Mr. McCluster returning this week, you just may get your wish.  Bowe is on a tear, McCluster is back, Copper and Tucker seem tuned in and our TEs are just begging for the ball.  So many targets and only sixty minutes of playing time.  If the Chiefs get behind in this one, you could well see TWO four hundred yard passers in Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.  That has only happened six times before.  Whoa!

Stay steadfast in your support, all ye of Chiefs nation!  What happens between now and the end of the season may well mark the beginning of a new dynasty in the NFL.  That would make us the luckiest Chiefs fans in 40 years.  Count your Chiefs blessings.  They are abundant.  

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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