Titans' Observations

Here is what I can tell you on the Titans based on my research.

Their starting center Eugene Amano has been put on IR. So they started Fernando Velasco. He seemed to struggle in pass protection. The Texans were bringing a lot of crossing blitzes and effectively getting through the Titans A gaps. This was their main source for getting pressure on Kerry Collins and forcing him to throw before he wanted to.

*Kerry Collins still has an impressive arm compared to half of the starting QBs in the NFL. He is smart with his pump fakes and knows where to put the ball when given time. But if you force him to hurry in his delivery on his decision, he will under or overthrow the ball and potentially allow the defense to get a interception. He seems to be most bothered when the Blitz is coming directly in the middle of the pocket. And he doesn't throw very well on the run.

*Chris Johnson is the first guy the Chiefs need to stop. The Titans want to get the ball to him early and often. The Titans are 1-5 when Chris Johnson is held under 100yds. Chris Johnson wants to bounce it outside or he wants to use the cutback. There is rarely straight ahead running. He tries to outrun everyone with his speed rather than cut up field and truly utilize his speed to just outrun the pursuit angles.

*Kenny Britt is the key to their offense's effectiveness. They average 28 pts a game and are 6-4 with him. They average 9pts and are 0-4 without him in the lineup. The Titans got the ball to him early and often. He is really what helped them win the game with CJ's inability to get big runs because the Texans were stacking 8 in the box. And their secondary proved how terrible it was, when it game up two 4th down conversions on their opening drive.

*Cortland Finnegan is a very physical corner that will do everything in his power to get in Dwayne Bowe's head. He will try to bait Bowe into a personal foul. This is a game where Bowe must keep his cool and make Finnegan shut up by being physical with him in his run blocking and run him over any chance he gets after catching a pass.Bowe's toughness will be challenged this week.

*Overall I'm not blown away by the Defense of the Titans. They haven't jumped out to me on the film like some of our prior opponents have. They don't have a great deal of glaring weaknesses nor do they have any strength that makes me say wow that will be tough to beat. They are a bunch of tough players that want to stop the run and force you to pass. And bring their rotation of fresh defensive lineman to pin their ears back and get after the quarterback.

*Fear the Tight End?
Tight Ends vs the Titans D

Week 1- Zach Miller             4 rec   43yds   10.8 avg   LG-27
Week 3- Kevin Boss            3 rec   88yds    29.3 avg  LG-54
Week 5- Jason Witten         5 rec   84yds    16.8 avg  LG-31
Week 8- Antonio Gates       5 rec   123yds  24.6 avg  LG-48
Week 10-Anthony Fasano  5 rec   107yds  21.4 avg  LG-31
Week 11-Chris Cooley        7 rec    91yds   13.0 avg  LG-26

Special Teams

*Marc Mariani is a dangerous kick and punt returner. He really has a knack for finding his way through defenders. The Chiefs coverage unit will need to stay in their lanes to keep him corralled. He did a really good job of helping the Titans offense have their own 40 to mid-field.

*I felt the coverage unit on kickoff and punt return just were not a strength like I was expecting. If you have a returner with good field vision and speed, they can make them pay in a hurry.

In The Titans 8 Losses
-7 turnovers overall
66 total penalties AVG of 8 a game.
Outscored 109 to 59 in 1st half

Steelers    13 to 3     -7 turnovers    11 penalties
Broncos   10 to 10    -1 turnover      10 penalties
Chargers 14 to 19    +1 turnover     10 penalties
Dolphins 10 to 10    -2 Turnover      5  Penalties
Redskins 10 to 10    +1 Turnovers  11 penalties
Texans      14 to 0      -3 Turnovers   10 Penalties
Jaguars     17 to 0     +2 Turnovers    4  Penalties
Colts          21 to 7      +2 Turnovers    5  Penalties

What the Chiefs Should Do

On Offense
*The Titans don't have ridiculously speed or extremely physical defensive linemen. I believe the Chiefs can run them over.

*Tony Moeaki and Chris Chambers or Verran Tucker need to come up big in this game. Moeaki can continue a trend in play-action of tight ends having a field day.

*Dexter McCluster on reverses could be a whole lot of fun this week.

On Defense

*Don't allow CJ to bounce runs outside. And make sure the backside linebacker does not allow him to have his cutback lane.

*Attack the middle of the pocket when the Titans pass. It will cause the Titans fits in their timing.

*Limit Kenny Britt's catches. He will tear you up all day and move the chains if you allow him. Get Physical with him at the line.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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