Matt Dodge, Deon Grant, and other NY Crap

First off Coughlin was way out of line. He had a lot of asses to chew in that second half and anytime you are relying on a rookie you are setting your self up for failure. Blowing up on the kid at that point was crazy in my book. Read this quote from coach...


"I'll take full responsibility for that last play," is what Coughlin said. "The young punter was told to punt it out of bounds and he got a high snap and didn't feel like he could and we all learned the hard way again. At that point in the game with (Jackson) back there, you don't punt into that."

What exactly is he taking responsibility for? Certainly not for not putting the hands team on the field when anyone with half a brain thought that was a good opportunity for an on sides kick. You are playing with a big lead given the circumstances. There is no harm in putting the hands team on the field....So what if you lose some field position? Also, what was with the big time blitzes with that lead? All the big plays came on those blitzes.. There is a reason you play conservative with a 21 point lead in the 4th quarter.

Next....Deon Grant is one of the "right 53". He is an UFA at the end of this season and can play on my team anytime. He is on a small money contract and has played well this season. I had read somewhere he has played really really well in a hybrid LB/DB position in the nickle. Sounds interesting... Anyways my reason for bringing this up is that he was the only position player to show up and protect this kid from the rowdy NY media and you have to love a guy like that even if he is a little long in the tooth...

Deon interrupts Dodge before he can speak (and if you look at Dodge, he looks to be about in tears)

"I've got something to say for him," he said. "It should never have come down to him kicking the ball. So he doesn't have any reason to hang his head. Point no finger at him. This is on the defense. The score was 31-10 with eight minutes left. It ain't his fault."


That is a team mate and one that understands this player better than the coach. Some guys need picked up when they are down, others need an ass chewing. I will add that Tynes tried to protect the kid from the media as well but he is a kicker and no one payed no mind to him. I have always liked Grant from a distance but after this I can say I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. That is a leader that stepped up for a guy that is an easy target and that is a man move....

Watching Inside the NFL, I saw that the JETS sent Santonio Holmes out as the only captain against the Steelers. I like it.... In fact, I liked it so much I would say if KC plays them in the playoffs, they should send Thomas Jones out there like that... Totally blew me away when they dumped the leader on the offense that happened to be the 3rd leading rusher in the NFL. And to replace him with the anti-leader LaDainian Tomlinson??? I think TJ would be up for that one...

All quotes come from:

All quotes come from NYDN

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