I Told You So... and the truth behind the Kool Aid

Back at the beginning of the season I wrote this.  I was getting a bit tired of all the talk surrounding how Haley was treating his players, and why he should be gone.  Now that we are almost done with the season, having already fulfilled our owner's main goal, and fans still going crazy with fear and doubt, I thought I would look back on what I said was going on and what would happen and see how I did.  Stay with me kids, its going to be a long ride.  Follow me through the jump if you dare...

One of the catalysts of the article was the affair going on in the Redskins camp.  My theory was that, after that incident, Shanahan was done as a coach respected by his players, and he would struggle in getting his team to work for him.  5-9 later, with a -75 point differential, thisthisthis and a 4 game losing streak later, I think I rest my case. 

And in the spirit of talking myself up, look closer at my previous post, especially the part about the Patriots and their me-first players.  Its ok, I will wait.... Done?  Awesome.  Ok, so I'm shouldn't claim that I called Randy Moss going crazy and getting dumped, but yet, I did.  What I wrote is what happened, while Moss was being good and helping out, the Patriots used him to his full potential.  But the second that there was any inkling of trouble, he was gone.  Think back to that day.  No one in the entire sports world expected that to happen.  But the Patriots haven't looked back since, and were the first team to clinch a playoff spot.

Before the season started, everyone was all doom and gloom.  I could link a hundred posts that talked about how we just can't be good this season.  I did have the link to our preseason predictions, but unfortunately I lost it.  Feel free to try and find it to prove me wrong if you want, but more than 60 percent of AP readers had the Chiefs at no more than 6 wins this year.  As we know, the Chiefs have surpassed that by 3 with 2 games to go.  What does this mean? A lot of things:

It means everyone (even me) was wrong.  (Except for Chief Jim.  I saw in the comment section of one of the post and his predictions were spot on, only missed the raiders loss, if I remember correctly).  The funny part of this is that the first responder to Jim called him delusional. 

Another big thing is that people we didn't expect to blow up (and maybe we should have) did.

Dwayne Bowe: 12th in reception yards, 1st in reception TDs, 11th in receptions over 20 yds, 15th in reception yds per game, 14th in receiving first downs

Jamaal Charles: 14th in yards after catch, 3rd in rushing yards, 1st in yds per rushing attempt, Tied for the longest run of the season (80 yds), 3rd in rushing yds per game, 5th in rushing first downs

Matt Cassel: 5th in the league in passer rating, 3rd fewest interceptions in the league, 6th in league in TDs

Defense as a whole: 12th in solo takles (DJ), 3rd in sacks (Hali), 8th in yards lost on a sack (Hali), 2nd and 12th in passes defensed (Carr, Flowers), 6th in forced fumbles (DJ, Hali) 


How about that Chiefs fans... And this is a team that isn't completed.  As Coach Haley said at the beginning of the year, we aren't very deep.  We have a very large corps of young blood that is loaded with talent.  And regardless of how the season turns out, playoffs or no, this season is a complete success.  I don't care who says what about choking.  We won games we weren't supposed to win.  We probably may win some more that fit that category.  If we don't, oh well.  Sometimes part of being an optimist is accepting when you exceed your expectations, and being happy with just that.  

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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