Do You Wanna Know What's Awesome?

The San Diego Chargers destroyed us last week, awesome.  They just made San Fran look like a high school team last night, awesome.  Let's face it, the Bengals fans are all going to be crying after Rivers rolls over them next week, awesome.  Denver, they don't have a hope in hell of beating the mighty Chargers, awesome.

Why is this awesome you ask? 

Because the Chargers will win out the last four games of the year in impressive fashion.  They are going to end up with a top 3 ranked offense and a top 3 ranked defense.  They will probably be number one in all power rankings after week 17, maybe 2 if New England holds on.  That... is awesome!

Still don't know why this is awesome?

Well let's look at the Chiefs.  If we are lucky we will end up with a top 20 offense and top 20 defense at the end of the year.  So compare the two and San Diego is awesome!

Still don't believe me that it is awesome then how about this...

in 2010 the Chiefs beat the teams they are supposed to beat and lose to the teams they are supposed to lose to.  We are facing the Rams this weekend who are 6-7 and we should beat them.  We then have the Titans who are 5-8 right now so we should beat them too. Then we get the Raiders who are decent but still 6-7 so we should beat them especially in Arrowhead with the 12th man.

So my friends the really awesome part about San Diego doing so well is that we are going to the playoffs and they are NOT!!!!  Picture all those annoying Bolt fans crying into their powder blue and yellow uniforms asking themselves where did it all go wrong?  Picture Rivers throwing helmets and yelling at everyone with the biggest adult pout on.  Picture Norv Turner being all wrinkled and old wondering if he is going to have a job next year.  Picture all this while we are screaming our lungs out at Arrowhead taking on a wild card opponent who will probably be slumping while we have just won 3 straight.  The Charger fans tell us they bleed baby blue and yellow, well cut open any Chiefs fan and I guarantee you see red!!!!

Go Chiefs!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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