Has Tyson Won back his Starting Job?

Sorry for this flurry, guys.  Just clearing the decks after finals (except for that gal who missed the Final due to a car wreck).  This post was begun when Jackson rejoined the squad after the knee thing.  Wonder how much is still valid, but it's worth talking about, a few games later...

For all our excitement about KC's defensive turnaround this season, they've been under-strength on the D-Line since partway through Game 1, when Jackson went down.  I'm wondering if he starts, and I'm wondering what kind of 3- and 4-man rush the Chiefs will be mustering with him in the lineup.

Well, hmills, he's getting his picture up for the team introductions that CBS puts up during the first series, but the invisible #90 was still getting the starts as late as last Sunday's Chargers game.

This from weeks ago:

I think the reason he started Game 1 (and took almost every snap) was because he's better than Shaun Smith.  If there's a weakness on this D, it's the inability of the front 3 or 4 to get quick pressure.  And that's a big deal, as often as they send 4 or only 3.

New observations:

Still true, in my estimation.  And they're still not getting the kind of pressure out of 3 or 4 that we saw in that first game against San Diego.  They didn't have McNeil in that first meeting.  In the second meeting I got to see what I'd been calling for:   Smith in the middle with Dorsey and Jackson at the ends.  Now that I've seen it, I'm in no great hurry to see it again. 

But I DO think I want to see Jackson starting in the base defense AND I'd like to see him on the field with Gilberry a time or three.  Don't stick with it if it sucks, like most of my ideas, but I still wanna see it.  My only concern going to St. Louis with this plan is that it's indoors and I want to see a healthy T-Jax emerge AFTER the game.

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