Why we can't and WON'T...

Win the division with the current staff. Hear me out before you start firing rounds my way......believe me I know what's coming and I have my body armor strapped on tight.

Todd Haley: I like how he has won over this team and is putting up more wins than losses. A better team now than in the recent question. He has brought a level of discipline and character..........yepper. At times over-aggressive with 4th downs......yes, but nice to see some balls on the sideline. Thankfully those calls haven't killed us, hurt at times but never killer. BUT.....his lack of faith in Croyle's skillset (if that does actually exist) bothers me. He took this team to San Diego prepared to lose. Terrible game plan, very vanilla......and extremely predictable.

Season grade to date: B   San Diego grade: D


Charlie Weiss: Once a good/great schemer with NE. Now, I understand he had a MUCH better QB in Brady and maybe more talent ( all debatable). However, the play calling and scheme run in SD was as predictable as a pop warner game here in KC. He has been creative at times this year but that creativity, to me mind you, seemed very gimmicky. Weis' downfall IMO....the aggressiveness has long gone. That being said, the talent pool here may be more shallow than he is accustomed to but so is Buffalo and they throw up damn good numbers...why? Aggressive play calling and taking shots to keep defenses honest. Charlie.....use the run to set up the pass....basics. Oh yeah, there is a playmaking speedster named McCluster dying to get touches.

Season Grade: B-/C+ (thanks JC/TJ)  San Diego grade: D ( you can download flag football plays on google more creative)


Romeo, Romeo......where art thou Romeo?: You couldn't stop the dink and dunk soft zone penetration the 1st quarter....I understand, you probably gameplanned for the big play. Well guess what, when the majority of yards....ESPECIALLY on 3rd down were 10-15 yard quick hits under zone you HAVE to make adjustments. You didn't and seemed lost all day. I noticed Todd Haley hovering near you from the 2nd quarter on. Again, sadly I think the game has passed you by. Still a solid coordinator, I want to see guys crushing folks not a break-but-don't bend D.......we can get that from Greg Robinson. Damn you too Romeo until you grow a pair and get aggressive.

Season grade: C+  San Diego grade : D


Okay, all of that being said I am still hopeful for the playoffs this year and years to come. I am not calling for heads in a breakneck reaction to the total ASSWHOOPIN' we received Sunday. I like Charlie and Romeo, their records and experience speak for themselves. However, none of that has been done as a Chief. We need more talent to give them obviously but what has an 8-4 team hoping to win a division against a 6-6 team have to lose by throwing San Diego some craziness they have never seen? The Chiefs should have acted like a swarm of hornets just kicked in the nest instead of a family of sloths. Coaches prepare the players....talented or drop the hammer on other teams. These three fellas.....this week anyway......dropped the ball. Players can only play as good as the folks that lead them.

Last but not least, the players are supposed to execute as individuals and as a team...that was obviously lacking from missed reads to dropped balls and missed assignments. They just looked like they played as if hearing from the coaches before the game: " lets just get out of here in one piece and hope San Diego stumbles soon,,,,,oh yeah we will have towin out". Go get em.

Killer instinct,

Please return to Kansas City. You are missed.

Get it back Chiefs, we need to finish with a turkey baby!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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