I get to see my Chiefs play one time a year. In the last 5 years, I've seen them win 0 times.

 Okay, so I was in England during the 2007 season, week 4, where we actually won in San Diego. But none the less. I've been to 4/5 of the games in San Diego in the last 5 years, and Kansas City still cannot pull off a win. I was in the endzone where Thiggy threw incomplete to Tony G with the 2 point conversion. I was there when we lost by 11 points in a horribly boring game. I was there when Cassel fumbled the ball away countless times.


They were all absolutely terrible. Horrible, horrible feelings. This year, things were gonna be different.

My day started out by giving my best friend my Charles jersey to wear. He's actually a Falcons fan but since we were going to SD he knew I was goin to be outnumbered and picked on so he helped me out. He actually loves Charles so it was a fair trade.


It started off like it was planned. Up at 630, leave by 730, arrive in SD by 9 to start tailgating.


Here's me, my best friend and my brother. Yes, he's a Charger fan.


So we tailgate for a few hours and I get drink offers from my fellow Chiefs brothers and sisters, denying most of them because I want to keep a level head, careful that I don't know anyone's heads off. Get into the stadium and take a few pictures with my other friends before we get our seats.




(The guy in the Gates jersey is actually a diehard Cowboys fan, and his gf in the Cassel jersey is a real Chiefs fan. He suprised her by taking her to the game and I let her wear it for the day).


So we get to our seats and get to know the people behind us. The hot milf for instance that was extremely superstitious, and the drunk Charger fan that would scream "FELIPPEEE!" everytime that bastard Rivers did something. 


Front row, 35 yard line.


Needless to say, I only took a few more photos. The game started off bad, got worse, got ugly, then got downright impossible. The one name that I kept hearing, no matter what, was Eric Berry. Dude was flying around today, trying to make plays, but still couldn't keep the team afloat.


Our offense was dead, our defense was dead, our coaches were flat. Haley was walking with a horrible limp again, and wasn't screaming at our offense (I think I made up for it though). Everything that could have went wrong, did. Murphys law, or as I've come to call it, Chiefs Law.


At the end of the day, I held out my Flowers jersey and a sharpie, screaming for anyone to come over. Nobody did. Everyone just hung their head and walked to the locker room. Except for 2 players that I didn't notice. The first was Verran Tucker, who was near the 15 yard line trying to get a few autographs in. The other? Eric Berry. Signin as many as he could. I screamed my head off for him, but he sadly couldn't get to me. The coaches were rushing him back into the locker room where he was probably gonna get his ears screamed off. He apologized repeatedly and said thanks for comin out and supporting his team.

My two friends, the cowboys fan and his girlfriend that wore my Cassel jersey came running over and threw the jersey at me. What does it have on it?


Eric Berrys autograph. I know it's on a Cassel jersey, but I've been pulling for this kid since we got Mike Brown.


I didn't get a win out of my Chiefs in San Diego. We played with our backup QB (who doesn't deserve half the blame he's getting btw), and just came out flat. The Chargers destroyed us in all aspects of the game. This made my day a bit better though.

Every year I come to watch my Chiefs get beat. I spend hundred of dollars on tickets, gas, food, parking, etc. And every year I walk away disappointed. This year was the worst, because I know we are a better team than the Chargers. We're going to the playoffs, and it hurt to see us lose this one. I know we were the underdogs, but how many fans actually want to admit the fact that we're probably gonna lose a game?

None the less, I see my Chiefs once a year, and I'm grateful. Be happy guys, we're still on top. We make our break our own destiny. If we start giving up on the Chiefs, they'll give up on us. Hold your heads high, we can grieve for a few hours, but it's back to work this weak. We're taking the governers cup, and we're gonna kick ass the last three games of the season. We're gonna go into the playoffs and hold it down. We're gonna go to the superbowl and smack around anyone that doubts us.




Not saying we're going to the superbowl or anything, just trying to get a few of you to lift your spirits. Let's go guys.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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