Is KC v DEN History Repeating itself in Reverse Order?

 If we look at our history.  It is creepy how the history is beginning to take shape.

12/6/2009 in Kansas City

(8-4) Broncos 44  (3-9) Chiefs 13 

1st Downs      KC 14      DEN 24
Total Yds         KC 222   DEN 413
Passing Yds   KC 128   DEN 168
Rushing Yds   KC 94     DEN 245

Kyle Orton                      15/25   180yds   2 TDs  1 INT
Correl Buckhalter         12car   113yds   0 TDs
Knowshawn Moreno    21car   86yds     2 TDs
Brandon Marshall         7rec     94yds     1 TD

Matt Cassel                    10/29   84yds    2 INTs
Jamaal Charles             18car  56yds    1 TD
Bobby Wade                    4rec    36yds    0 TDs

1/3/2010 in Denver

Chiefs 44  Broncos 24

1st Downs      KC 22    DEN 30
Total Yds        KC 524   DEN 512 
Passing Yds  KC 207   DEN 428
Rushing Yds  KC 317   DEN 84

Kyle Orton                       32/56   431yds  1TD    3INTs
Knowshawn Moreno    14car    50yds    2TDs
Jabar Gaffney                 14rec   213yds  0TDs

Matt Cassel                      13/24   207yds  0TDs
Jamaal Charles               25car  259yds  2TDs
Chris Chambers              8 rec   80yds    0TDs

11/14/2010 in Denver

Broncos 49 Chiefs 29

1st Downs      KC 30    DEN 25
Total Yds        KC 484  DEN 452
Passing Yds  KC 433  DEN 299
Rushing Yds  KC 51    DEN 153

Matt Cassel              33/53     469yds   4 TDs 0 Ints
Jamaal Charles       14 car   41 yds    0 TDs
Dwayne Bowe            13 rec 186yds   2 TDs

Kyle Orton                    22/34    296yds   4TDs 0 INTs
Knowsean Moreno     22car   106yds   0TDs
Brandon Lloyd             6rec       90yds    2TDs

So if it holds true this weekend. We should see stats similar to the following.

12/5/2010 in Kansas City
(8-4) Chiefs 44  (3-9) Broncos 13 

1st Downs      KC 24      DEN 14
Total Yds         KC 413   DEN 222
Passing Yds   KC 168   DEN 128
Rushing Yds   KC 245     DEN 94

Matt Cassel                    15/25   180yds   2 TDs  1 INT
Jamaal Charles             12car   113yds   0 TDs
Thomas Jones               21car   86yds     2 TDs
Dwayne Bowe                 7rec     94yds     1 TD

Kyle Orton                        10/29   84yds    2 INTs
Knowshawn Moreno      18car  56yds    1 TD
Brandon Lloyd                  4rec    36yds    0 TDs

When I looked at the first three games against each other. It was just crazy how teams switch roles in both team and individual stats. It is obviously that the Chiefs get blown out in the first game and make the adjustments in the second game. So based on the 2009 history and part of 2010. It should go down this way. And if it doesn't then obviously the coincidence stops on Sunday.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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