Kansas City Chiefs vs. Donkeys (The Mile High Edition), Are you coming to Denver?

Alright AP fans hopefully you all know now that I (ChiefsatWar) happen to live in Donkey-Country which has been an absolute delight this past year and this week we take on the freakin' Donkeys.  Well what you might not know is fans have been leaping of the bandwagon here in 'D-town'.  Even the radio shows around town are riding the Donkeys hard and rumors are starting to fly that Pat Bowlen (the owner of the Donks) has Alzheimer's disease and that there is dislike from all corners of the locker room.  After the jump I will high light an incredible video and rant alittle about this week's game...

Alright, so I mentioned that radio shows are leading the suicidal leap off the Donkeys bandwagon, and my new favorite song is featured on, it is a must-listen for sure and in fact the radio show is looking for extras to make the video even Chiefs fans celebrating in the background.  Check out the song:


Broncos Radio Fans Give Up on Their Team (YouTube)

If you don't crack up then you are still dismayed over our loss to the freakin' Faiders, but no worries we get them back at home at the end of the season and we can return the favor.

Now about this weeks game it should be exciting I mean people are selling their tickets and even giving them away on in frustration of the Donkeys season, which has been totally hilarious watching people cry more than Phillip Rivers and Jay Cutler (anybody remember him?)...

Well if you are coming the 'N' Parking Lot tends to have alot more Kansas City Chiefs fans than most other parking lots around the metal diaphragm that is know as Invesco Field at Mile High.  I will be watching this post and if you can't find tickets and need help I will do my best to come to your rescue.  But who is coming from K.C.???

Now the second question I ask is this...If Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones execute our running game properly like that fine day in January last season, will we be the reason why Josh "Mr. Potatoe Head" McDaniels gets fired? 

I think our loss to the Faiders will ignite our aggression and we will be looking for kill-shots all day.  What do you guys think about this week's game? 

It looks like it will be a high of 44-degrees on Sunday at 2:15, which will be nearly the same as when we played here last year...Alright well I am glad to share the music with you and hope to see you all at the game.

GO CHIEFS!!!!!!  K.C.  38, Donks 24.  McDaniels Fired!  LMAO!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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