Chiefs Jeopordy! And the Answer is....?

Alex- Hi, my name is Alex and welcome to Chiefs Jeopardy. Our 3 contestans are Sally, Mike and Phil. The categories are: Chiefs/Raiders Game, 2010 Season, and Coachs/Players. Lets begain, Sally please pick a category.

Sally- Coachs/Players for 200

Alex- Right, and the answer is "Butterfingers"

Sally- What is what Romeo Cornnel eats way to many of.

Alex- Wrong, but with his huge gut Im willing to bet he eats too much of everything.

Mike- What is Bowe's new nickname.

Alex- Correct! After all the passes he's dropped if his new nickname in the locker room isnt butterfingers by now I would be surprised. Your Pick Mike.

Mike- Chiefs/Raiders Game for 300

Alex- The answer is "Forgivable"

Sally- Jones's fumble and Cassel's interception because they only happen once in a blue moon.

Alex- Correct! Next Catagory?

Sally- Ummm how about Chiefs/Raiders Game for 400

Alex- Ok then, the answer is "Un-forgivable"

Phil- What is Todd Hayle's call for the fake punt in the first quarter.

Alex- Sorry, not the answer we are looking for, but that call was questionable. Anybody else want to take a guess?

(A moment of silence passes)

Alex- Right. The answer we were looking for was "all the miscues, miss steps, sacks allowed, and penalties that cost the Chiefs the game". Sally your choice again.

Sally- 2010 Season for 300

Alex- The answer is "Most balanced"

Phil- Oh! What is the Chiefs in the AFC West!

Alex- That is correct. The Chiefs are the most balanced and best team in the AFC West, but saying you are the best in the AFC West is like saying in a classroom full of dysfunctional under achieving children you are the kid with the least amount of issues......not something to brag about. Phil your choice.

Phil- Lets go with Coachs/Players for 400

Alex- And the answer is "Consistant, efficient, sufficient"

Mike- What is Matt Cassel's stages of performance at the QB position.

Alex- Very good. While Cassel will never be an all star quarterback like Brady or Manning he is consistent right now and will eventually become more efficient at it until finally he will be sufficient for what the Chiefs need him to do, which is make the passing game just enough of a threat to spread out the defence and make room for the amazing run game. Next Catagory?

Mike- Chiefs/Raiders game for 500

Alex- And thats our daily double! What would you like to wager?

Mike- Everything!

Alex- Ok then the answer is "themselves"

Mike- Ha! Thats easy, what is who the Chiefs beat last Sunday.

Alex- That is correct. The Chiefs beat themselves in that game. The Raiders were outplayed and outclassed 75% of the game. It was the Chiefs amazing ability to shoot themselves in the foot with all those penalties, turn overs and other mistakes that handed the Raiders the victory. Mike pick again.

Mike- Ill choose 2010 Season for 400.

Alex- The answer is " 5 minute failure"

Sally- What is the Chiefs defence in the last 5 minutes of all the games they have lost, and a few that they won too.

Alex- Correct. The Chiefs defence for some strange reason cant seem to finish a game. The defence kept the team in the game against the Colts up until the touchdown in the final quarter. Oh and they did the same thing the next week in Texas, and the field goal in Okland. Lets not forget the final minutes of the Bills game when the failing D line was saved by a lucky Berry interception. Or the Chargers game when the defence let Rivers walk down the field until they finally came to life once in the red zone. Next Catagory?

Sally- Chiefs/Raiders Game for 400

Alex- The answer is "robbed"

Sally- What is a Chiefs victory in all their losses.

Alex- Sorry that is incorrect, though I bet there are some die hard Chiefs fans out there that would agree with you.

Phil- What is the Brandon Flowers interception in the final seconds of the game

Alex- Thats right. Someone should have called the Okland P.D. after that play because by all account Flowers should have had that ball. Phil your pick.

Phil- How about Coachs/Players for 300

Alex- The answer is "Gambaling problem"

Mike- Todd Halyes play calls.

Alex- Correct, but you forgot to say "what is" so we can not give that to you. And now its time for final Jeopardy. The answer is "tough, fast, crazy"

(The final jeopardy song plays)

Alex- Ok then, put down your pens and lets see your answers.


Alex-Incorrect. Cassel in neither crazy nor fast, but tough he is. Not many QBs could take as many sacks as he has and still get up and get right back into the game.

Sally- Tomas Jones

Alex- Sorry, thats not the answer we are looking for. Jones is indeed tough and crazy for still playing at his age, but he not the fastest Chief on the field

Phil- Jamal Charles

Alex- That is correct! Jamal Charles has shown himself to be all these things! Fast as a lightning bolt, tough enough to still play with a bad shoulder, and crazy for even willing to try to play while being injured in the game against the Raiders. Well thats all the time we have folks, please join us next time on Chiefs Jeopardy.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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