Step Back Folks




One word: Disappointing

Any lose to a divisional opponent really hurts and even this morning I am flustered over the fact that my Chiefs "let one slip away".  Right away there were people jumping ship on the Chiefs.  No not everyone, but a ton of people all of a sudden gave up on their team.  Maybe that emotion will only last until mid-week, but it's embarassing that even our local voices (Nick Wright) drilled our Chiefs on 610 five minutes after the lose.

Please do not take this spin on the season too -

If you were to tell me before the season that the Chiefs would be 5-3 and have a .5 lead in the AFC West after week 9, would you take it? 

The obvious answer would be yes.  However, I want to just live in the moment.  We were sitting there at 5-2 and had a chance to seperate from the pack.  We didn't seperate though.  Chiefs lost and that game was a sucker punch to the gut kind of game.  But before we give up hope on this team, please take a step back folks.


Don't tell me who the Chargers, Broncos, and Raiders play for the rest of the season.  I could care less and  I am sure Haley feels the same way.  He is focused on who they have left... which is four more divisional games (2 at home) plus Titans, Cardnials, and Seahawks and Rams away.

There are about 30 different areas about Sunday's game that we could point to as the reason for why the Chiefs lost, but as fun as it is to discuss those reasons... we still lost.  That won't change.  But for those who want to discuss, discuss them:

-Bowe's drop

-Moeaki's drop

-Flowers getting burned by a rookie

-Flowers going for the INT

-McGraw dropping a pick

-Bad call on Berry during Arenas return



-Holding on a FG attempt

-Arenas fumble


Please don't talk abou the amount of carries the Charles had.  Apparently he was not a big part of the game play for the day for some reason.  He also left the field twice on his own because of injury reasons.  As much as I want to see him run the ball too, they have used these 2 backs pretty dang well - 190 yards per game well.

Enjoy debating the what ifs, but a lose is a lose.  If the the players "did their job" (Haley yelling) then this game wouldn't have been even close.  But it's the NFL and loses happen.  Mistakes happen.  What is important that the coaches and players continue to do their job during the week.  Address the negatives of the game and highlight the positives.  Speaking of positives...

-Cassel's athletic plays

-Berry showing why he a freak (2 sacks)... making a case for Def ROY (Suh will win it though)

-Hali rules over all

-Run stop is still money

-Bowe's clutch TD

-Tucker who!?  wow.

-Arenas Punt Return TD (even though it was called back)

-Succop's FG in bad weather


-Washington and Areans on D

-Front 7


With every game, you have the good with the bad.  When you lose.. it's hard to find the good. 

I just want everyone to step back, including local media, and look at this team with an optimistic view.  I feel that reporters, AP posters, radioheads speak during the storm.  Instead they need to let the storm calm, look at the big picture, then react. 

We have a great team, and they will get better with McCluster and Lewis coming back.  These are two players that are missed greatly in my opinion.  This coaching staff will not allow for the team to fall of track, and continue to get stronger throughout the year.  We were 3-1 1st quarter, 2-2 2nd quarter and now on to quarter 3. 

If you step back and look at the path to winning the AFC West, Chiefs are still on track to accomplish a home field playoff game.  After going 4-12, this is a season I will take.  

There is something different about this team...  Now let's go beat up on some Donkeys!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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