This Loss May Be For The Better Long Term

As my rage settled, I realized that this loss, while devastating to our current division standings, could be a very good thing for our Chiefs moving forward.

The Chiefs are young. The buildup to the Sundays game showed that there hasn't been a Chiefs-Raiders game this crucial in the AFC West race since 2002.  Only Brian Waters and Casey Wiegmann are still on the team from those days.

As fans who have followed our beloved Chiefs for years, we know what this rivalry is all about.  No one can hate the Raiders like we can, its in our blood. 

During player interviews this week, every one was asked if they really understood what this rivalry was about. Often you would hear "its a very important division game that we need to win" or something about how they read about the history between the two teams and the classic games that have taken place between the two proud franchises.

But this kind of hatred is something that cannot be understood through reading, it must be felt....and it took place on sunday.  The Chiefs were flying high into Oakland primarily on their running game. But on sunday when their Star running back took a big hit and rolled on the ground in pain, the Black hole cheered the Jamaal Charles injury, if that didnt infuriate them, the trainers should check them for a pulse.

The Game went on to be a classic. There  were bad officiating calls, turnovers, brawls, miscues, big hits, injuries and controversy.  Both teams scratched, clawed. held, battled and pushed for every yard, and in the end the Raiders came out on top in overtime. In a huge emotional rollercoaster, the Chiefs saw their dream season put in huge jeopardy at the hands of the Raiders

I truely believe the 2010 Chiefs are a foundation for something great. They are learning every week what it takes to be a great team. This is a lesson they needed to learn, a lesson that every Chiefs team needs to learn before they can be great. They need to know this hatred. They need to know why we call it Raider week, they need to know why we get so worked up about it. They need to know why we expect them to be AMPED when the Raiders step into arrowhead in december.

The Chiefs foundation now fully understands the importance of this rivalry. Hate for the Raiders is now firmly planted in the heart of the new Chiefs team...right where it should be.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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