If controversy makes you a good sports writer, then just give Whitlock a lifetime achievement award....

Whitlock strikes again, with his heart-warming, sob story:  shanahan crosses line with McNabb.  Never in my life have I read such garbage.  Sensational journalism at it's worst:  rampant with racism, reverse-racism, and assumptions up to his ego. 

Generally, I skip reading whitlock's crap, because it seems to be the same ol' broken record in a different cover.  This time, I was enticed by the names Shanahan and McNabb. 

I just don't understand how someone whose "journalism" prowess comes solely in the essence of creating controversy and propagating reverse-racism through a sleight-of-hand scream of racism has become a "respected" writer.

Let me digress.  If one reads Whitlock's articles beginning with all the quotes he uses as "evidence" for his prejudiced, racist spewing, one notices that the quotes are just everyday coach speak for everyday coach things....  In essence, the everyday Joe wouldn't make the connections that Whitlock does.  Not because the everyday Joe is shallow, but because the everyday Joe isn't a racist, attention-seeking sensationalist.

Now perhaps you may be saying, "yeah, yeah.  everybody recognizes that Whitlock is ridiculous.  we just ignore him."  If so, good for you.  But not everyone out there realizes that Whitlock is the Jerry Springer of columnists.

Also, it raises the question of how Whitlock can keep his job, free of fear, while his white counterparts would be torn apart and banished from the mainstream for their presuppositions or racially-loaded terms.

If you haven't read the article, let me provide a quote.

It’s the good-old-boys network taken to the extreme.

In the day where calling the all-Black Rutgers women's basketball team a "bunch of nappy-headed hoes" gets you fired and labeled a racist, Whitlock apparently gets to pollute the world of racism, free of consequences.

And Whitlock knows it.  He acknowledges how he sounds, all the while denying his racism...

Stop. Quit whining. I’m not accusing Shanahan of bigotry. I’m not playing the race card.

This comes right after he says:

Before the week is over, I fully expect Shanahan to suggest that fried-chicken grease prevented McNabb from properly gripping the football.

Two thoughts on this statement:

1)  Whitlock is propitiating steroetypes.

2)  He is flat-out calling Shanahan a racist without blatantly saying the word 'racist.'


Really, this is a sad story.  In the end, Whitlock propagates his racist thoughts, which seemingly dissipate throughout his very existence.

All for the sake of "standing up" for his 'favorite current player.'

Thanks for publishing your work of fantasy conspiracy, Whitlock.  Nothing like reading too much into something with a Dan Brown-esque flair. 

If you take the time to read this, you'll be taken "between the lines" of Shanahan's reasons for pulling McNabb:

McNabb didn't know the terminology of the Redskins' two-minute drill yet, and wasn't in good enough shape to propel the offense with the upbeat tempo needed for the two-minute drill.

Oh, and then there's a tied-in storyline about Mike propelling his son's career at Donovan's expense....

The only thing Whitlock didn't fully have an answer for is why a racist Shanahan would trade for McNabb, and why, if McNabb is as good as Whitlock thinks he is, Reid would trade McNabb to a Division Rival...

I like McNabb, and have always thought he got a bad deal in Philly, but who doesn't get a bad deal in Philly?

Really, the one thing I can agree with Whitlock on:  why the hell did the Redskins workout JaMarcus Russell?  It just doesn't make much sense, other than Washington apparently having a bad offensive line. Still, there just aren't facts there for Whitlock's dream.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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