Arrowhead Pride Monthly: December 2010



Ok, another month down and we are getting closer to the playoffs.  Yes, I said it, playoffs!  The Chiefs are starting to realize they are a good team much to the surprise of Haley.  We just had a huge win on the road now we have two tough division games coming up.  I have a lot to go over this month so let's get to it!



November MVP:  Dwayne Bowe




I really can't say enough about this guy.  I have always been behind Bowe but always upset that he was not consistent.  He is looking like a WR that we drafted and a true number 1.  Just imagine if we had a respectable number 2 WR.  This month we experienced the good including the last two games.  We also experienced the blowout loss to the Broncos.  How has Bowe performed in the four games in November?


Receptions: 37

Yards: 528

Yards Per Reception: 14.3

Reception Touchdowns: 8


Jamaal Charles and Matt Cassel get a mention but Bowe has been playing lights out.  What do you all think?  Here are some comments about Bowe lately.


To say bowe won’t make the probowl is being unreal, 1st in tds & up there in yrds. keep it real



I’m just praying that Bowe has finally realized what Fitz realized under Haley…



Trade him for a seventh rounder to the Patriots



I have to hand it to Bowe. He has recently found a way to overcome his short comings.




The Denver Broncos




Our next game is against the Broncos.  I'm pretty sure you all know how important this game is.  First, we need to get revenge from the beatdown they served us at their house.  Second, we need to stay ahead of the Chargers.  The Broncos are coming to Arrowhead where we have not lost this year.  They are apart of a scandal recently and just have not been playing good football.  I have respect for some of the Bronco fans and a few of their players.  I've always hated their organization though.  This latest "spygate" has just hit the last nerve.  I wonder what Haley is going to say or do after the beatdown we give to them this Sunday? 





Like Father...Like Son?




We have seen it today more often than not players (and coaches) resorting to violence.  I'm not a big fan of throwing fists in the air to get a point across.  I say, keep it on the field and let your play deliver the blows.  Nothing gets to players like Finnegan/Seymour better than someone not talking/fighting back.  They will ultimately self-destruct and make more mistakes on the field.  Why does it always seem like the Raiders are the ones getting into this type of trouble?  You hardly ever hear about a Chief doing stuff.  If you do these days they are usually shipped out.  Where is LJ now?



Upamtn's Scalping's




Once again here are Upamtn's "scalping's" on some issues/players.  We will start out by some kind words that he has to say.


Once again I am honored to be a part of the monthly proceedings, I hope everyone has had a fabulous Thanksgiving, as we head into December at Arrowhead Pride.


-Our four games in December versus Broncos, Chargers, Rams, and Titans

This could be a tough for the Chiefs, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the team come out with a 2-2 mark for the last quarter of the season. 
Denver is a "payback" game, and at home, so look for the Chiefs to be cranked up and ready to play.  Somehow I get the feeling this one is going to be along the lines of the Arizona game, pretty much Chiefs all the way, but likely not the blowout early on as we suffered at Mile High. 
San Diego is doing their usual thing, coming on strong after a slow start, and ifAntonio Gates is feeling healthy, the Chiefs are in for a loss.  Even if Gates is still a bit off or out from his foot injury, the Chargers are well capable of scoring, as they showed to the Broncos the week before Thankgiving.  I look for the Chiefs to come up on the short end of the stick in this one.   


St Louis has exceeded all expectations already, and Sam Bradford could easily win RoY in 2010.  I'm not sure why, but I get the feeling the Rams take this one, call it a hunch, call it bad karma, call it a guess, but I think the Chiefs fall flat in this game.  If not, there's always the Titans game to think about.  If KC can shut down both Bradford and Jackson consistently, a win is possible, very possible.
Did I read where Vince Young is gone for the season?  Did I mention that it won't matter for the Chiefs if they can't stop CJ2000?  Did I mention it might not matter because I get another funny feeling about the Titans?  Never underestimate Jeff Fisher  This is another of those "could go either way" games, and I'm not sure the Chiefs are mature enough (translation:  good enough) to take both of these last games.  Back to back wins to end the regular season would be awesome, and might just be enough to give the Chiefs the division. On the other hand ...


-Unsportsman like conduct around the league

Honestly, I wish the NFL had a "Marcus AllenClause" in every contract:  (Player's Name Here) shall conduct himself with class and dignity at all times, in the manner of Marcus Allen.  Any player including (Player's Name Here) shall calmly hand the ball to an official afte scoring a touchdown, and shall at all times act as if he's been there before.  Defensive players, including (Player's Name Here) shall not provoke, incite, annoy, hassle or point fingers at opposing players, not shall said player dance or celebrate or swing an imaginary golf club, etc etc etc ...


-Our new WR Tucker

Tucker looks pretty good, although it's only been a couple of games, but like most fans, I'm anxious for the return of Dex.


-Dwayne Bowe

Bowe may not be A number one but he's OUR number one, and for now he's doing what he's supposed to do and wht he needs to do.  Early on there was a a lot of animosity for "drops" as like last year, but there have been far fewer of lat, and more catches.  Dwayne looks so improved over last year, and have to give him and yes, even Matt Cassel some credit here.  Looking good out there, Mr Bowe, keep up the good work!



Questions For You




1.)  How do you feel about Dwayne Bowe?


2.)  How do you feel about players/coaches fighting on and off the field?


3.)  Do we make the playoffs?  Why or why not?


4.)  What is your biggest fear heading into the next game against the Broncos?


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This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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