Retribution is coming for the Donkeys

I was out of town last week and didn't get to the computer much, so if any of this was already covered in the Mini Spygate posts from last week please forgive me.

As we know, the Donks got busted filming 49ers practice in London a few weeks ago.  $100 K in fines were levied.  Some dude got fired.  But as the Chiefs prepare for the 2010 rematch with Denver I'd like to point out that McDaniels might be a perfect match for the Broncos.  Over the years the Broncos have done some underhanded things.  It's not a big surprise that they'd try to gain a competitive advantage over a bad team like the Niners.  Of course the hilarious part is they lost.

There are a few examples of lapses in Donkey ethics that leap immediately to mind.  Spygate 2 is not a one-time lapse in their judgement.

Between 1996 - 1998 the Broncos circumvented the NFL salary cap.  They were fined $1 million (twice) by the NFL and stripped of a third round draft pick.  Of course the reason those years are significant is because those are the years the Donkeys won 2 Superbowl championships.  Even Al Davis is convinced Denver cheated to win those Superbowls in the late 90s.  And Al knows cheating.  The Broncos were fined by the League twice within a three year period of time for cheating on the salary cap.  About $29 million in deferred money to Elway and Terrell Davis was in question.  Of course Pat Bowlen insists that cheating the salary cap gave the Donks no competitive advantage.  If it didn't give a competitive advantage then why cheat in the first place?  If this were college football the NCAA would've stripped Denver of their Superbowl titles.  

Speaking of the late 90s, anybody remember a certain playoff game with the Chiefs in January of 1998?  The Broncos took the field after slathering themselves in Vasaline or some other slippery substance.  I remember being stunned as I watched the officiating crew order players be wiped off with towels.  It was like watching WWE wrestling.  In typical fashion, no penalties were enforced for that underhanded shit.  No players were ejected from the game.  Nobody got fined.  Typical underhanded Donkey crap.

Who can forget 2003 when the Broncos oh so conveniently "forgot" to pack their dark jerseys for a road game and brought their whites to San Diego.  White jerseys don't absorb as much heat for a hot weather game against the Chargers who usually wear white at home.  They were fined $25,000.  

I'm sure many of you can come up with other examples (and I'd like to read them), but my point is the taping of Niners' practice is nothing new when it comes to the Broncos.  They've been an underhanded bunch of weasels for years.

So this is what I would call on fans to do.  Get to bed early on Saturday night.  Eat a hearty breakfast Sunday morning.  Make sure you have your energy.  Listen to Johnny Cash sing "God's Gonna Cut You Down."  Then head out to the New Arrowhead and be the most crazed 12th man in the history of the stadium.  Rain down holy hell on those sniveling, cheating, cheap shot taking assholes in orange and blue.  Never let up for a minute.  The Chiefs can beat them physically but the fans can beat them mentally.  McDaniels looks like a 12 year old boy.  Let him leave KC looking like a whipped 12 year old boy.

I want those 78,000 fans to take all that rage and channel it onto the Donkeys.

As Russell Crowe says in Gladiator:  "On my signal, unleash hell."

Or as Jeff Bridges says in the new version of True Grit: "Them boys, they'll think about the wrath that's about the set down on them."

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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