Why Haley is Coach of the Year and how he has us in the driver's seat

I'll preface this by noting that a lot of my belief in Haley is that I get what he is about.  I have observed the progression of what he is doing with the players and how each game, a little tidbit of tinkering is added to build on from the week past.  And that is where you can visibily see the effect of the coaching.

Last year, Haley had a lot on his plate as he served two roles.  This year, he is more relaxed and is enjoying the fruits of being able to observe the team more as a whole and do what he seems really good at.......motivating and developing players, and coaches.  I think we have seen him influence the offensive play calling lately as things open up.  We have seen him develop "troubled", or "lost" players into top tier players.  In wonderful fashion.  The list is endless.  And I'll restate what I keep stating in my posts, as soon as you second guess the Chiefs on an issue, you better not blink, because that very thing will come back and make you eat the dead crow off the roadway.  DJ.  Dorsey. Bowe. Charles-Jones. And not the least, Cassel.  Not only Cassel's skillset, but his leadership.  Haley gave him the keys to the shiny car this week (or should I say Bulldozer, because he does drive a bulldozer).  His leadership, reads and adjustments were on par with top mentioned names.  And honestly, his leadership and poise is far and above better then Cry Me A Rivers. 

This offense is starting to fire on all cylinders.  And unlike the "Hot" Chargers, we did it this week with good play and not being "Hot" because Mr. Football was tossing us the ball. 

Up next is Denver.  Back home to the roar of the 12th man engine.  The return of DMC.  Let's add a lightning bolt of a spark plug to a bored out engine.  McDaniels will be in a corner in the fetal position after this one, and will not be available for a handshake.  Bowe is the hot hand, and you have to keep feeding that, but for team development, you will continue to see Tucker getting tuned up.  He is more and more in the picture.  On special teams and on regular downs.  Just because McCluster is back, do not forget about Tucker.  Haley is molding him.   He is very important for us down the stretch.  Championship teams have a variety of go to guys to keep momentum going.   We have a lot of gears for Cassel to shift into on offense.  And none of them are first gear.  Charles who gives you the second gear scratch.  McCluster, another blackmark on the path to the big dance. (Who doesn't dream of having two sports cars in the garage).  Jones, a nice little Hemi.  And now Smith has been added a Cummins to the offense.  Bowe the Boss.  Moeaki a nice 350.  Tucker a car that has some innovations that might just be unique all their own if the Big Three will let it work its way into things.  That's a lot of horsepower for an offense.  Name a team that can match up with that man for man.  Go ahead, bring it.  We can race for titles.

Speaking of titles...Championships are built around defenses.  What has Mr. Crennel been doing in the garage out back?  Haley pokes his head in now and again to make a turn of the screw.  A DJ here, a Dorsey there and a crank of the Hali.  What'd you say Haley?  "Have you got that Berry carburetor adjusted in yet?"  Workin on it, but the Flowers air flow rolled under the injury list so had to use some Bates and Price to tape it together.  And the McGraw and Lewis rolled under here somewhere.  Didn't know they did so much steering of things.  Where the hell did you get that Daniels duck tape!  But I'll tell ya, that smooth, quiet running Arenas you backed in here has been awesome.  Pioli is going to get us in trouble if he keeps hotwiring these picks out of the draft!"

Crennel, just like Haley, gets it.  He understands how to coach players up and how to tinker under the hood.  He bored out that rough engine we had smoking and backfiring last year and has it running pretty good.  Will take a little more time to get the Jackson Cummins tuned up.  Besides, it takes time to get those diesels warmed up and rolling.  Gotta be patient.  And the Berry carburetor.  But he's pretty sure Piolio will get him another Diesel next year to push the middle and another Vortec to put alongside the DJ.  He has the Belcher running nicely....hmm, maybe time to work on that old Studebaker and the Carr.  Some people question if they have no more top end.  Crennel smiles...oh yeah, give me that wrench.  One more year to have that defense running as hot as the offense.

Haley laughs and leaves Crennel to his whistling.  Time to go see if Hoffman needs some help.  Seems the special teams has been sputtering a bit on assignments.  May have thrown a rod.  Will have to send Pioli for one or two of those Harley panheads that can get down the field and some fatboys to toss some bodies around.   Maybe have Smith quit playing with balls and throw his leathers back on and show special teams that some bad boy attitude is a quality on special teams.

Yeah, it's nice to have a coach who can coach players up to their potential.  And to surround himself with coaches who can "fix" the things that need fixing in the garage.  And it's nice to have a GM who can steal the needed parts out of the draft and bargain basement lot down the street.  And like any good team...hard to say that any one part is the MVP component.  But start comparing parts to the the other models at the show, a lot of our parts are getting chromed out.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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