List of Our 2011 Free Agents (who to re-sign, who to let go)





Potential FAs: OLB Charlie Anderson(notes) (6), RB Jackie Battle(notes) (3), CBBrandon Carr(notes) (3), FB Tim Castille(notes) (4), RB Jamaal Charles(notes) (3), WRTerrance Copper(notes) (7), TE Brad Cottam(notes) (3), FB Mike Cox(notes) (3), QBBrodie Croyle(notes) (5), CB Travis Daniels(notes) (6), DT Ron Edwards (10), LSThomas Gafford(notes) (3), DE Wallace Gilberry(notes) (3), OLB Tamba Hali(notes) (5), CB Maurice Leggett(notes) (3), ILBCorey Mays(notes) (5), S Jon McGraw(notes) (9), C Rudy Niswanger(notes) (5), OT Ryan O'Callaghan(notes) (5), TELeonard Pope(notes) (5), OT Barry Richardson(notes) (3), DL Shaun Smith (6), OLB Mike Vrabel(notes) (14), CCasey Wiegmann(notes) (15).

Top 5 needed re-signs

1. Jamaal Charles-He is the start and end of our offense. He is the key to our success in the upcoming seasons

2. Tamba Hali-Only legitimate pass rusher on our roster. We should try to give him a very long term extension with a large load of cash. Make him a top 5 paid OLB. imo he is a top 5 OLB 

3. Shaun Smith-Hes been a diamond in the rough on our defense. A great force in the run defense and helps lbs blitz on pass downs

4. Barry Richardson-Hes turned into a solid starter and in his first season as a starter, he has played nearly every game starting on the number one run offense in football. Don't mess with success

5. Casey Wiegmann-If we can pull another year out of him and draft a Center in the 3rd or 4th round for him to tutor, we'll just keep this running offense churning

Other good resigns (in order): Terrence Copper, Ryan O'Callaghan (make him a backup), Wallace Gilberry, Jon McGraw (give him a year to back up Lewis and Berry and spread as much wisdom as possible), Jackie Battle, Mike Cox,


Who Not to Re-Sign

1. Mike Vrabel-other than advice and average pass coverage, the old man hasn't given our franchise much else. 

2. Brandon Carr-He is the opposite of a starter that the Chiefs need in a season where we look to contend for the Superbowl. Can't hold his own consistently at the corner position, isn't worth making a nickel because Javier Arenas should be 100x better than them by next year), and after 3 years of football he still can't make the play when the qb throws the ball near his hands and later gets manhandled on the play even though he was close in coverage because of his lack of awareness. If a qb consistently throws a ball over skimming over your helmet, thats not a good throw, or close enough defense, thats a lack of awareness at the cornerback position. I will be very dissapointed if he is resigned, especially with the better alternatives in the Draft and Free Agency.

3. Brad Cottam-Injury prone, hasn't done anything significant in a game throughout his whole career. He is the anti-Moeaki, who did more in his first game than Cottam in 3 years. 

4. Rudy Niswanger-Its him or pro bowler Weigmann and i think we'll be better off paying Weigmann to tutor a Center draft pick and continue to block at a high level for at least one more year

5. Ron Edwards-He has improved under Crennel's new system, but Shaun Smith has excelled even more and is of younger age. Smith has proven he has the stamina to start on DL a full game, and played at high level. And even if Crennel would like to keep Smith at Right End, drafting a NT in the 1st or 2nd would be a better idea.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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