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 The NFL, and our little corner of the world Arrowhead Pride, have been a buzz of late with much ado about Moss.  Before you click away from this thread, that is not all that I am going to talk about.  Yes, I see the 19,000 other fan posts already made on the subject.  So there is no need to remind me of the fact, yes I am talking to you, oh kings' of the backseat posters. 

What can I say about Randy Moss that hasn't been covered a million times over already.  Well probably nothing, but I do have my own individual take, and that is what AP fanposts are all about, so long as it is well written, and informative. 

That said, those pictures up above symbolize a reunion of sorts, and like it or not AP members, Kansas City has become a reunion zone for the Bill Belichick family.  Anyone that has done great things as a part of that winning family can join, as long as they have a written invitation from Scott Pioli.

Is that a picture of Randy Moss hanging under the Moss-tle toe?  Why yes, I believe it is, and if I remember right he has done some amazing things in that Belichick family.  I seem to remember him being a huge part of a perfect season a couple years back.  Though something about that season just wasn't so perfect, hmmmmm... what was it.  Oh yeah, that's right, he didn't win what Scott Pioli is holding in his hand up there.  Yes, there was no Lombardi Trophy for Randy Moss, just one of of the greatest receiving seasons in the history of football, no big deal.

Or is it a big deal?  I would say it was a huge deal, Randy Moss doesn't want to be Dan Marino.  He doesn't want to be T.O., in my opinion, the man wants to win a Super Bowl.  He is considered to be one of the top five greatest wideouts ever, I don't think he wants to go out with no rings, but that is just me.  I believe we are going to win the Super Bowl without Randy Moss, but with him, I think it just makes it more of a sure thing,  Who would be able to stop this offense?

I'll argue with you down below about all of that, but just there is just one last thing on Randy Moss.  Look at the picture up above, you have Matt Cassel and The Kansas City Chiefs, Randy Moss, and Scott Pioli holding the Lombardi Trophy.  Honestly, who here can tell me they don't want to see that kiss after Christmas?  I know that some of you will say that you don't want to see the Chiefs win like that, but come on, it is has been 40 years.  I don't think Jesus is going to let us borrow one of his Angels right now to give you the perfect character team that can win too.  One rowdy HOF caliber receiver will not ruin this team. We thought we had all of the time in the world after 2003, just saying.

Enough about that, there was a reason that I picked the picture of Moss.

It is Raider week baby, we are going into the Black Hole this week and even when both teams are garbage, these games are great.  This, for my money is one of the best rivalries in all sports.  I am very biased, but I don't care, I love the Kansas City Chiefs.

This year, we all know the story, the Chiefs are destined for greatness.  Then you have the Raiders, they were in the toilet, but just like a turd that won't flush, they are rising back to the top.  It is Todd Haley's job as head caoch to flush them back down to were they belong.  He may have to use Jamal Charles and Thomas Jones as a plunger, but I think he can get the job done.

In all seriousness, the Raiders are looking like a good team.  They have a solid run game, and they have scored 92 points in their last two games.  I, like a lot of you, thought that the Denver game was a fluke, but they beat the tar out of Seattle last week and that has gotten everyone's attention.  Sure, the Raiders are still the Raiders, but they have a lot of talent.  Their version of DMC is having a great year, even Jason Campbell is starting to come back to life.  This is going to be a tough battle.  I don't know about the rest of you, but after three of the last four games.  I am done with tough battles, I want to see the Chiefs bury the Raiders shut-out style, to demoralize them for the remainder of the season.  It is going to happen anyway, we might as well be the team to kick start the process.

The Chiefs are going to have to shut down their rushing attack, and seeing how they face Thomas Jones and Jamal Charles in practice all of the time.  I think they will be ready for Darren McFadden, because he is kind of like a combination of those two backs, with more health problems.  That is what I feel Romeo Crennel well do, he will limit the rushing game for Oakland and make Jason Campbell beat us through the air.

The Raiders have found various different ways to get into the end zone this year, which is a little scary.  Though with the Chiefs bend but don't break philosophy, they are excellent at not giving up big plays or points.  As they say, something has got to give, and for me, I think it will be the Raiders consistency.  I don't think they are coached well enough to not start getting big heads.  They just beat down on two teams by a ton of points, I think the confidence that they got from those games may work in the Kansas City Chiefs favor.  By this I mean that the Oakland Players are going to think they can score all over us, and lose focus on how good we truly are.

Remember lots of Oakland Players probably look at the Chiefs as a fluke, and we barely beat an 0-7 team last week.  So it is quite possible, that they think they will steam roll over us like they did the Denver Broncos.  I don't see that happening, I think the Chiefs win this battle and go to 3-1 in the second quarter of the season.  Back to 0-0

So let's see what the Chiefs have for us this weekend.


Will Todd Haley ever kick a field goal in the first quarter? 

Will Charlie Weis call pass plays in obvious running situations?

Will Matt Cassel play great in all four quarters of a game?

Will DJ drop more interceptions, our will he get another pick-6?

Will Eric Berry keep his hot streak going?

Will we see another special teams TD this year? Come on Arenas (my fav, he'll do it soon)

How many sacks will Tamba get?







This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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