Randy Moss: Point/Counterpoint.

Good day fellow Arrowhead Priders.

Weird times in the NFL. Shanahan is benching his HOF QB for Sexy Rexy because he is fat, the Cowboys and Vikings are collectively 3023 games under .500 and the AFC West seems to be a race between our beloved Chiefs and the Freaking Raaaaaaayddddddaaaaas. However the weirdest goings on seem to be around the recent trade and subsequent cutting of Randy Moss by Brad Childress, and apparently without management's knowledge.

Well, this seems to be a polarizing subject around AP and has dominated much of the subject matter in the past 24 hours, so I apologize for another Randy Moss post, but I took the liberty of flying 2 AP'ers up to Calgary in my private jet to do an informal debate. I've included the transcript, I hope you enjoy.

Anyways I present to you: Point/Counterpoint.

Subject matter: Randall Gene Moss



Point: Thanks Craig for bringing us into your beautiful home. First of all, I'm entirely for the Chiefs bringing in Moss. I think he'd be a wonderful part of what we are trying to do here.

Counterpoint: Agreed, thanks Craig. That jetride was awesome. I however am against Randy Moss becoming a Chief. I think he's a bad apple.

Point: First of all, I'm not sure I'd consider him a "bad apple" per se, he's just a polarizing figure. But I'm not concerned with his personality, the dude can flat out ball. I was watching NFLC's Top 100 players OF ALL TIME, and he was #65. Not every day there is one of the greatest players available on the Waiver Wire for essentially nothing. I haven't watched the Top 10 yet, but I highly doubt Terrance Copper or Chris Chambers' names will be called.

Counterpoint: Doesn't matter if he catches 100 balls for 2000 yards, he's not "The Right 53"

Point: Hmmmm, Ya. I think I remember Scott Pioli saying something about that once. But didn't Pioli sign Randy Moss in New England?

Counterpoint: That was different.

Point: Why:

Counterpoint: Cuz....ummmmm.....because he's changed. He's not that productive anymore

Point: On the surface, no...but look at his impact on the passing game. In the 4 games with Randy, Wes Welker averaged almost 7 catches per game. He hasn't had 7 catches since. Now look at Percy Harvin. He struggled before Moss came, now he's seeing less coverage and has had a couple 100 yard games.

Counterpoint: Wes Welker? Sounds familiar...isn't he Lance Long's brother? I'm not sure who Percy Harvin is. I'm a Chiefs fan, I don't really watch those other stupid teams. Anyways, it doesn't matter. We are a running team.

Point: Ahh. Valid point. Randy Moss demands double teams, which will essentially take the safety out of the box, and allow Jones and Charles to run wild.

Counterpoint: I dunno about all that, he's a lockerroom Cancer. All I know is In Pioli I trust.

Point: What does that even mean?

Counterpoint: I doubt Pioli will sign him when he becomes available. He's not the Right 53. CHIEFS WILL!

Point: Chiefs will what? Uggg. Anyways, the point is mute anyways. I believe the Chiefs are the 24th team for waiver claims.

Counterpoint: What do you mean?

Point: 23 teams have the right to pick Moss up, ahead of the Chiefs

Counterpoint: WHAT? God the NFL hates the Chiefs. We never get any national media attention, and now, let me guess they are gonna let the stupid Cowboys pick him up ahead of the Chiefs?

Point: Yes? That's how it works.

Counterpoint: Doesn't matter. Matt Cassel doesn't need Moss to be successful. He is on pace for over 2,000 yards this year and he even had back-to-back 400 yard games in New England. So there...he doesn't need stupid Randy Moss. CHIEFS WILL!

Point: You realize he was throwing to Randy Moss in New England?

Counterpoint: Ummmm......Wanna see my mock draft?

Point: No.

Counterpoint: With the 32nd pick in the first round, we'll probably take Andrew Luck. I'm hoping that AJ Green is still available in the 2nd round. He's much better than Moss anyways.


Counterpoint: Scott Pioli is the best drafter of all time, he has never had a bad draft. The 2009 draft looks bad on paper, but in fact none of the players that were drafted in 2009 are with their current team.

Point: Good call. Orakpo, Cushing or Mathews would be terrible editions to our team. Look, all I know is what seems to be holding us back is an efficient passing game. What will happen when we meet the Steelers or Ravens in the playoffs? We won't be able to run on these teams, the blueprint for beating them is through the air.

Counterpoint: Jamaal Charles. Thomas Jones. Dexter McCluster.

Point: Yes, those are all Chiefs, how does this make us a more efficient passing team?

Counterpoint: Chiefs Will. Want some Koolaid?

Point: No, not at all. Craig, got any scotch?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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