Top 30 2011 Free Agents

Yahoo!Sports just posted their top 30 free agents entering the 2011 season (pending that it happens). 

Here is the link to that story:;_ylt=Ar.fCz8FL7YxuejhiCfeCztDubYF?slug=jc-freeagents111810

So who are we Chiefs fans salivating over getting? Other than resigning Tamba of course!

After the jump, who I want and why!

Starting with the obvious, Tamba Hali. After signing DJ to a new deal, it must be our top priority to resign Tamba. While our pass rush could still improve, Tamba has been our most consistent source of QB pressure. Tamba has 8 sacks this year which is an improvement from last year (individually and team wise). Personally I think that Tamba is often held and seems to catch hands to the face often. Unfourtunatly calls are not made as often as I would like but he is a player offenses must prepare for.

Vincent Jackson, Steve Smith, Sidney Rice: Can you tell I believe WR is a position of need? I bet most Chiefs fans will not argue with me. Dwayne Bowe is a fine receiver and is quietly having a great year, but we need to pair him with a true #1 receiver. Of the top 30 free agents, these are the only three WR's I would target. Randy Moss and T.eam O.bliterator bring to much drama, press, and off field issues. Vincent Jackson has all the physical tools to be a Top 5 WR. Steve Smith has proved himself in the Giants offense. He has excelled when surrounded by other great WR's (Manningham, Nicks) Sidney Rice may be my favorite option. You see how the Vikings offense lacked a go to guy without him. It was so bad they resorted to Randy Moss (we know how that turned out). Some might argue that Sidney Rice is not a true #1 WR. I think Bowe and Rice side by side would create some great mismatches for Cassel to exploit. Add in McCluster, good luck opposing defenses!

Johnathan Joseph: I think CB is a need for the 2011 Chiefs. This may be addressed in the draft (as could WR, Blackmon anyone?) but I think Joseph is a great prospect. Flowers has been having a great year, aside from being screwed by penalties. Having another potential pro bowl CB opposite Flowers would benefit both CB's as well our safeties. Along with that, we would have more confidence in our secondary and could blitz more aggressively, forcing more QB pressure, more INT's etc. How do the Jets blitz so much? Because they have 2 great corners. The Chiefs need a better corner opposite Flowers. It would open a lot for Romeo.

Offensive Line: Can you ever stop drafting O linemen? I think not. Depth at the position is critical. We have had injuries in the past few years (Albert, Waters) and we are older (Casey, Waters). I am not in love with any of the OL's in the top 30 free agency pool. Doug Free is alright, and Mankins would be great (Patriots connection) but there is no way NE lets him go. We did good things this year in getting a couple of old Chiefs back on our O-Line and that has paid dividends. We need to keep looking at building this position. The game is won in the trenches.


So what are all your thoughts? Needs in free agency? Who do you want?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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