If the 2011 offseason started right now, what would be your top priorities? (positional)

1. A Starting Right Cornerback

I will vomit if I see Brandon Carr lined up as a starter next year on opening day. We need a starting cornerback of reasonable height 5'll or taller who can hold his own in man coverage. No I don't even want to see Carr on the roster, releasing him or trading him will bring me loads of joy. Bumping him down to nickel is pointless and anti-progressive because Javier Arenas will be a 10000x better cornerback than Carr by next year if he is not already. Hes horrible in man coverage when it matters, won't turn his head to swat a pass, and constantly makes average WRs look like Jerry Rice.



Mike Vrabel is obviously aging. We can't develop pass rush outside of Hali, Gilberry, and sometimes Dorsey. We need someone who can keep Tamba Hali from retiring at the age of 28 because of garbage pass rush and him putting his future on the line every play. Andy Stud should only be brought in when Vrabel's replacement is tired.



Jovan Belcher was a nice story. Undrafted, made good in training camp, great on special teams. The thing is, he is not a starting ILB. Hes extremely slow, horrible in pass coverage, can't guard a starting TE or RB to save his life, and he isn't a good open field tackler. When DJ is on coverage, and the RB only has Belcher to beat, i have yet to see Belcher rise up to the occasion. He and Corey Mays should fight for the backup spot and one should be released during training camp.


4. A Number 2 WR or a WR capable of bumping Bowe to the #2 spot

Im hoping Verran Tucker could be a diamond in the rough with some good WR coach attention, maybe some training with former greats, and a whole lot of ambition. He could do big things in KC, but if he isn't good enough to occupy the position, Chambers IS NOT THE OPTION. Very unproductive. A Super Bowl contending pick up that could be realistic is Sidney Rice from Minnesota. He will be a unrestrictive free agent and with a losing season, no playoff appearance, a asshole of a headcoach if still there, and a very scary (in a bad way) QB situation with Favre retired he could be looking for a new team. And the Chiefs are going to be very appealing this offseason.

Without huge explanations

5. Center

Depending on how Niswanger grows under the wing of Weigmann, we might have to start a new Center


6. Back up QB

7. Nose Tackle

Moving Shaun Smith to Nose Tackle could make for a great DL. While Tyson Jackson was injured, Smith showed he has stamina, and definitely has the skills to be a top DL

8. Dime Corner

9.  Running back to put under Thomas Jones and Jamaal's wing so that when TJ leaves, we can continue our great running game.

10. Back up Strong Safety

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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