Five Good Stats From Kansas City Chiefs Loss To Denver Broncos

DENVER - NOVEMBER 14: Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe #82 of the Kansas City Chiefs makes a reception as Champ Bailey #24 of the Denver Bronco defends at INVESCO Field at Mile High on November 14 2010 in Denver Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Cheifs 49-29. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs were dropped by the Denver Broncos 49-29 on Sunday causing a ridiculous number of bad stats. I'd be searching high and low for five good stats if it weren't for KC's passing game putting up some big numbers. Of course as fans all we care about is the result but there were some good things that happened in this. Yeah, you've gotta squint your eyes to see the good stats but, they're there.

Here are five good stats from the Chiefs 49-29 loss to the Broncos.


Matt Cassel threw the ball 53 times with zero picks. That's a career high in attempts for him and he didn't turn it over through the air. Cassel also threw for the second most amount of yards in franchise history so it wasn't like he didn't have opportunities to turn the ball over. A small victory wrapped around around a bad victory? Yes, but it's something.


If halves matter, then the Chiefs and Broncos tied in this game. The Broncos hopped out to a 35-0 lead in the first 15:40 of the game. The final 34:20 of the game, the Chiefs outscored the Broncos 29-14. I know, the game was essentially over at 35-0 but the Chiefs didn't let it get to be 59-14 or anything like that.


Dwayne Bowe caught a career-high 13 receptions. Some but not all of it came in garbage time. Bowe is the No. 1 receiver so he needs to continue developing a rapport with Matt Cassel. He has eight touchdowns in the last five games so they're on the same page much of the time and Cassel consistently found Bowe 10-15 yards down field as Bowe would nestle himself into a hole in the defense. His long on the day was 24 yards so he was fairly consistent throughout the day.


That's Matt Cassel's completion percentage. The one thing of him I'm the most critical is completion percentage. Good quarterbacks are, for the most part, over 60 percent. Cassel's 53 attempts were a season high as were his 33 completions.


The ratio of Jamaal Charles' carries versus Thomas Jones' carries. This is a small victory -- it's really more of a big picture thing -- but Charles has been so much more effective than Jones yet Jones continues to receive a significant number of carries. The game was out of hand early so the running game was basically non-existent but Charles was still able to get four more carries than he did last week when the Chiefs didn't give up 49 points and the running game wasn't eliminated.

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