Matt Cassel Grade VS Denver

This week I decided that I would grade Matt Cassel on each snap. I don't bring with the the credentials Bewsaf and Kalo do, but I think I have a decent enough head on me about quarterbacking. I love the position and have played it in some capacity since I was 10(YMCA, HS, Adult inter murals, etc.)

Here's the grading system:

A QB is asked to 1)decide where to place a football 2)place it there

Therefore, each play will be given two scores. The first is for decision making which encompasses reads, progressions, and ad libs. The second component is execution, which encompasses ball placement, mechanics, and primarily accuracy.

A perfectly thrown ball will receive a  +1. A ball thrown well enough will receive a 0. A poorly thrown ball will receive a -1

The same will hold for good, okay, and poor decisions as well.

A given play thus can range from -2 to +2

An overall score of 0 is equivalent to an unspectacular, decent QB. Average if you will.

Grades are NOT outcome based. a TD pass could be -2(F) if the QB threw a terrible pass into triple coverage. If the WR defeats his coverage on his own to turn it into a catch and score, the QBs contribution to the play was still negative and the score was in spite of that. Likewise, a brilliant pass that is deflected and intercepted may well be credited a +2(A) since the QBs contribution was wholly positive. The QB is graded each play on what he added/subtracted from the play's success.

Onto the grades


Positive Plays: 10

Negative Plays: 7

+3 = 77% (C+)


Positive Plays:9

Negative Plays:16

-7 = 69%(D+)


-4 = 73%(C-)

* First drive Cassel went to hit JC on a slant to the right but missed him badly. That is a throw a pro QB must make in his sleep.

* Second drive Cassel Overthrows Chambers but had Moeaki open. Blown read.

*  Cassel really showcasing his oddly low release point. He hits Bowe twice in a row, but both times the ball is too low. Bowe Basically has to go to a knee to grap the first one.

* Bowe tip toes in bounds as he hauls in a Cassel pass on the corner route. This was a good example of a good play that is graded as a 0. Bowe was the clear target and the pass was where it should have been. An avg. QB makes that play every time. It would be +1 on delivery had the route been deeper.

* Cassel takes a sack when he should have thrown the ball away. This causes the field goal attempt to be extended to 52 yards. Decision -1

* Another sack due to Cassel hold the ball to long. He missed Charles underneath but should have at least thrown it away.

* Got JC killed on a poorly placed short pass. Way too high.

* Ugliest play imaginable. Cassel misses 3 guys open underneath (JC and Moeaki wide open) as he backpedals in confusion. He takes the sack, gets stripped, 6 points for the bad guys.

* Best play of the game for Matt. Play starts breaking down, Cassel avoids the rush, runs right, delivers a gorgeous pass to Chambers. I thought I was watching Big Ben for a moment.

* Running slants to JC all day. Cassel making some but missing too many given the distance.

* More low passes. One to Copper and a few to Bowe on comebacks routes.

* Deep ball to Tucker was flawless. Sadly, this was the only pass on this type Cassel was able to hit. Otherwise he universally missed deep and to the left when trying to arch long balls.

* Gave Cassel a point on the pre-half TD. I expected throw away but he got it to JC last second.

* Cassel looking good on the move. Tried to hit JC deep but he couldn't haul it it. Good throw though.

* Cassel should have had an INT. He got very lucky on a bad pass.

* Late TDs to Bowe and Chambers were good passes. The one to Bowe was on the money in a crowd.

* Cassel's footwork isn't too good. Doesn't always plant when he can.

* 3 passes were batted. 2 were directly due to his bad pass mechanics (releases too low) and other may have been as well, but I wasn't sure.

* Cassel looked comfortable in the 4th quarter. Liberated from the outcome of the game, he was taking what the defense gave him, even if it was in a small window. He quite over-thinking his reads and just pulled the trigger. He looked at peace.

* It's obvious that the coaches have been working with Cassel this year to "just get the ball out." Too often this year that has meant throw aways and dumps, today he got better at getting good completions.

* More on his 4th Qtr. comfort. Usually pressure gets Cassel trying to respond to the the rush rather than react to it. Today, rather than think " oh crap they're here, what am I going to do with this ball?" he just let his feet react naturally as he kept his focus down field.

* Again, Cassel is a line drive passer. He can do okay throwing line of sight but just can't manage to arch deep balls consistently. His accuracy is also very hit or miss. This is because of his baseball pitcher release and panicky demeanor in the pocket.


Cassel played about as well today as I think we've seen. This is about his ceiling.


If someone asks about the formula I'll put it in the comments.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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