Matt Cassel - 14th Out Of 32 NFL QB's

I get so tired of hearing how Matt Cassel is a BIG problem for KC. I posted on Matt here earlier in the season. Now the boo birds are out in even fuller force!

Look, Matt is doing what he is expected to do, and he is Better Than Over HALF of ALL NFL QB's in doing so. I think, before it is all over, you Matt haters are going to have to eat your words!

As of week 9, Matt's QB rating is 89.2 - good enough for number 14 on the list of 32. Matt is doing a better job than all of the following QB's (at least he is rated higher):

Rank    QB            Rate
15     Matt Schaub HOU    88.0
16     Jay Cutler     CHI     86.0
17     Ryan Fitzpatrick     85.8
17     Josh Freeman TB    85.8
19     Kevin Kolb     PHI     85.3
20     Carson Palmer Cin     83.6
21     Jason Campbell Oak     81.3
22     Shaun Hill     DET     79.6
23    Mark Sanchez NYJ     79.4
24     Chad Henne     MIA     78.2
25     Donovan McNabb WA     76.0
26     Sam Bradford SL    75.9
27     Brett Favre MN    75.7
28     Alex Smith     SF     75.0
29     Jon Kitna     DAL     70.9
30     Matt Hasselbeck SEA      70.8
31     Derek Anderson     ARI     67.0
32     Matt Moore     CAR    55.6

The number one ranked QB currently is Mike Vick. Personally, I'd take Cassel over Vick any day of the week - and Always on Sunday! Matt is MUCH more durable. I look for Vick to be sidelined with injury AGAIN before the end of the season (for fun look at what KC did to Vick last time he came to Arrowhead).

Of the other QB's rated higher than Cassel, I would not trade straight up for:

2      Vince Young    103.1
4      David Garrard    98.8
7      Tony Romo        94.9
8      Kyle Orton        92.7

That is 5 out of 13 QB's ranted higher than Matt that I would HATE to see KC trade straight up for Cassel. That leaves only 8 QB's in the whole league that I'd prefer over Cassel. (I wouldn't take any of those rated lower than Matt - except maybe Bradford)

Now, I know I'm going to get hammered for saying this, but of those 8 remaining QB's, I would NOT want Rivers. I think he has an attitude problem that can be harmful to a team. Just look how he acted in KC on opening week. I think his hot-headed nature is why his teams never go too far in the payoff's. Dan Marino used to act the same, start yelling at his team mates when things were not going well. Joe Montana was the BEST at staying cool no matter what the circumstances were. (While I don't think Matt will ever be anywhere near the QB Montana was - he does have a similar cool-headed nature I like).

So, that means that out of all the men who are qualified to play QB in the NFL, there are only a handful that I would prefer to Matt Cassel. I know that is only my opinion, but again, look at the ratings. I think Cassel will be higher on this list by the end of the year!

A few teams have more than one QB on this list. Like PHI with Vick and Kolb. That means that some teams have had such bad QB problems that they don't even have one on this ratings list!!! One of the main reasons is that they can't stay healthy enough to qualify for the list. Would you Matt Cassel haters like to have one of those guys in KC? No matter what you think of Matt, you will have to admit that he stays healthy and has shown to be tough! Anyone who can take the beating he did last year and keep on ticking has my vote.

Want to trade for the media circus that is Brett Favre??? I'll take my chances with the quiet and mild Cassel, thank you very much. Keep up the good work MATT. There are fans out here who know how hard you work and appreciate what you do!


I think this post says it best on Cassel. Might as well learn to love him, cause he is going to be here for a while - perhaps a LONG while.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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