Dear Coach Haley

I like you.  I really do.  I admire the job you've done with a team that had no real direction when you took over.  You instilled some heavy, heavy discipline and got them into shape.  You made some hard choices with players that you couldn't work with and an offensive coordinator you couldn't agree with.  That must have been tough, and I respect you for seeing your way through that.

It's been great to see how much more professional you are this year.  When the cameras go to you on the sideline, you're no longer acting like a drunk character on "The Real Word/Road Rules Challenge".  You seem like you've figured out a way to be tough, but fair.  A great example of the results is Bowe.  You didn't kick him when he was down, you helped him back up.  Way to mature and grow as a coach while still maintaining your edge.

I can't argue with the results you're getting, or the vast vast VAST improvement we've seen in our Kansas City Chiefs.  There were many out there (not us fans, of course) who didn't expect us to reach five wins all year, let alone within our first seven games.  5-2! Our team is no longer a total joke!  Yay!

It's taken me a while, but I believe that you're the right coach for this team.  You're gutsy, tough, and fearless.  You also seem to genuinely care about the success of our team, and you're not content with anything but the absolute best from your guys.  Kudos.  

That said, I have two things I'd like to say to you, and I'm relatively sure I speak for a lot of Chiefs fans...

First of all, sometimes football isn't as complicated as you make it.  Sometimes, you're just ten times better at something than the other team is, and there is absolutely no need whatsoever to try any "trickery".  Would you like an example?  I'll give you two, one rather general and one very specific.  

Here's the general thought; when you're rushing the ball for well over five yards a carry, and you have Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones to spell each other so they don't get tired, there's really nothing wrong with literally running the ball every single play until the other team proves they can stop it.  I know you want to keep defenses honest, but why on earth does it matter if they can't stop us either way?  Run the rock until they stop it.  No need to "shift gears" or try to take them by surprise.  5.6 YPC+13 carries= a 70+ yard TD drive.  Just something to consider.

The specific thought?  When it's overtime, and your first two plays of a drive are a 10-yard run and a 13-yard run, there's no reason to stop running the ball.  Or take out the guy that just ran for those 23 yards on two carries.  This is NOT to start a TJ vs. JC debate, but merely to point out that perhaps sticking with the hot runner (who the other team hasn't been able to stop all day) might be a good idea in that situation.

The second thing I have to say to you is very specific.  Please, please, please stop going for it on 4th and short in the 1st quarter.  Just for a little while.  We all can do math, and yes 3 points is indeed less than 6.  But you know what it's more than?  Zero.  I know winds were bad and all that stuff, but today's FG would've been a relatively simple one.  And let's face it, this is not the first time you've done this.

I get it, you're aggressive.  And I like that about you.  However, there's maybe a time and a place.  The 1st quarter of a scoreless game against a team that we should be able to beat straight up is probably not the time or the place.

The only reason I say this is I just had one of the most stressful half hours of my life watching that game.  And I've worked the derricks of an oil rig during a blowout, Coach.  I know what stress is.  And there is just no reason I had to go through that tonight.  Add in the fact that I'm watching the game on NFL Replay while my wife and kids sleep (and henceforth I cannot make too much noise) and right now I've got more emotion bottled up than Tony did right before he shot Manny.

So I'm asking you, please, dial it down just a notch.  Do I still want you to go for it at times on 4th down?  ABSOLUTELY!  However, maybe table the whole "it's 4th and 2-3 in the 1st quarter and no one's scored... Let's do it!" strategy for a while.  

Because seriously, Coach, I'm pretty sure I just lost five years of my life watching that game.  And it could've been avoided if you'd gone with the conventional, boring call in the 1st quarter.  

That's all.  Keep up the great work!  Now I need to go sleep off the shock of that game... Go Chiefs!

Very sincerely,


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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