Chiefs vs Dolts

            I am really looking forward to this game as with all that has been wrong in my life as of late, the play of the CHIEFS has certainly been a rose among the thorns.  I'll offer an explanation after the jump.

             Having been a CHIEFS fan since the days of my youth has brought many valuable lessons in dealing with disappointment and adversity. Several of these have been observed in person at  CHIEFS vs Dolts games which I have been fortunate enough to attend.

            The first one of these I was "lucky" enough to watch at Arrowhead. It was 1/7/96 and the first playoff game after a 13-3 regular season against the 9-7 Dolts. My friend and I had spent the first half seated in Sec. BFE and had absorbed plenty of the KC BBQ, alcoholic beverages, and hospitality. At halftime we had hooked up with a guy we had known since our elementary school days who had a friend employed by the CHIEFS.

            This man, in acts that may have seemed as no big deal to him really made the day something special for us boys from Michigan. He gave us a tour of the stadium and we actually had the opportunity to meet King Carl himself in an elevator behind one of those plain doors along the concourse. Now Carl was "the man" in those days, the CHIEFS were favored and after that super regular season things were looking good.

             It was colder than the balls on a brass monkey that day (-9 degrees) so him offering us his CHIEFS employee seats for the second half suddenly made the elements a lot more bearable. The game ended in a 10-7 loss after 3 INTs and 3 missed FGs by Dick (or was it Nick?) Lowery. The end was certainly a buzzkill but hey, I saw my CHIEFS firsthand seated amongst quite a few gorgeous players wives and girlfriends so that helped to numb the pain. Still only one more game from the Superbowl, sigh.

             The other two games have been in Indy (2 1/2 hrs. away) one a regular season game in '99 and one of the other playoff losses to the Dolts when the CHIEFS backed, tripped, or fell in to the playoffs in the 2006 wildcard game. It was a quiet ride home after that one.

            Back in June I was constructing a new facade on a local Italian restaurant. Everybody has a place like this in their hometown, the off the beaten path place. Yet, it's the one everybody  in town knows and loves. The kind of eatery/lounge, that if it could talk it would surely be able to give forth enough evidence for a conviction or two as well as pay for any divorce attorney's place in the Bahamas in cash. The phrase coined in their advertisement and on the menus is "Famous for Nothing"  and it sums it up rather nicely.

         I fell from a plank approx. 10 feet in the air in such a manner as to strike my head directly on the asphalt parking lot. (My ND hat was on Charlie)  That was good enough for 20 min. of unconsciousness, 13 stitches, a concussion, and a night in the hospital. This whole experience has given me a much fuller appreciation for good health, concussions, and a structured life in general. Constant headaches, fatigue, intermittent double vision, and a lack of peace of mind has given me as much if not more than I would wish on most anybody.

            Throw in a deranged ex and a potential custody battle, a college aged daughter  informing me of a coming grandchild (My first) and limited income has left it's mark on my physique as well as altered life as I know it.

           With all that said, it really is small potatoes as my CHIEFS are 3-0 and hopefully are about to whip Indy's ass and all is good! I can't swing attending the game but I am working the cashier cage at our local poker room for my Elks Lodge and it just so happens the "pit boss" will probablty be dressed head to toe in Dolts garb. I just may BBQ a pork loin and take it for good measure!

               He will prolly shit when I show up in red, show him some some old ticket stubs, and ask if he has $20 to put on his team eh?   GO CHIEFS!



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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